7 Genius Ways to Reuse Empty Liquor Bottles

Do the planet a solid (and avoid the stares of neighbors as your empty bottles clink their way down to the recycling bin) and reuse your spent booze bottles. There are plenty of ways to repurpose your boozy waste. If you’re craft-oriented, this is an opportunity to break out those tools for a weekend project, while the craft-challenged can choose an easier, tool-less option. Here, the coolest ways to reuse empty liquor bottles.


Sharing a bottle of something nice over a candlelit dinner is a romantic way to pass an evening with a loved one, but there’s no reason to stop at just one night. Relive the magic by repurposing that bottle as a candlestick holder to light countless steak dinners for two. Or, if you prefer a beachy luau over an elegant dinner, opt for a different sort of flame by making tiki torches. For more permanent lighting, turn those same bottles into lamps

Olive Oil Dispensers

Booze belongs in the kitchen. Maybe you need a beverage to make an all-day cooking session more bearable, or maybe you like to infuse your food with spirits. Either way, don’t ostracize that bottle from the kitchen once it’s empty. Wash it out, attach a speed pourer to the top and fill it with your choice of olive oil or vinegar. Just be sure to explain your crafty genius to your guests before they see you upturn that bottle of Jack Daniel’s onto their salad.

Planters and Vases

Empty bottles may have decorated your dorm room as trophies from epic nights, but those same bottles can also bring color and life to the room as vases. Or, if you’re handy enough to handle a glass cutter and a green thumb to boot, cut into the bottle to create a planter. An ex-tequila bottle would make a perfect home for succulents, while a repurposed vodka bottle might make a great housewarming present


Humans aren’t the only ones who can derive happiness from the contents of a bottle. Share the joy with the animal kingdom, by turning a bottle into a birdfeeder. Just drill a few holes into the bottle (using a special glass drill bit) so your feathered friends can gain access, and hang it from the nearest tree. The bird songs will make a great accompaniment to your next al fresco cocktail hour.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall

Infusion Gifts

Buying a nice bottle for a party host is a surefire way to show off your spirits expertise, but it lacks a personal touch. Filling a bottle with your own homemade liquor infusion, on the other hand, will show everyone just how much time and effort you’re willing to put into crafting the perfect gift—and no one has to know how easy or quick it actually is. We’re big fans of infusing spirits here at Supercall, flavoring our booze with everything from green tea to bacon, but a nice, dry, never-cloying chocolate liqueur might make the best gift.

Message in a Bottle

Got a tiki-loving friend who’s turned their backyard into a Polynesian paradise? (That’s awesome—you should spend all of your time with this friend.) Touch their castaway heart with a personal message in a rum bottle, or package a small gift in a former rum flagon.


Science Project

Alcohol is a scientific wonder with seemingly magical effects. But empty liquor bottles can be just as amazing if you use them for a science project. Combine baking soda and vinegar in an empty bottle to produce carbon dioxide, which you can trap and use to inflate a balloon attached to the lip of the bottle. It’s just like that paper mâché volcano you made in grade school with way less cleanup, just as much science and a lot more drinking.