Hyden Yoo

There's no more reviled bar character than the guy insouciantly sipping a Stella while looking like he was just released from a team-building seminar. Get your after-work drink on while looking like a human being, with office gear from Hyden Yoo.Through a system of subtle tweaks and adornments, New York designer Yoo's created a look he describes as "Brooklyn Meets Wall Street" (as if Michael Douglas were to crack a Pabst and watch underfed kids singing about Paxil). The khakis are casually permuted with diagonal denim-style pockets and white contrast piping, while the slim-cut dress shirts are short enough that un-tucked, no one will mistake you for the girl that wore your shirt while fixing you an Eggo this morning. On a more casual tip, Yoo's got you covered with items like a cotton-lined wool cardigan and the Izzy Tee polo, whose deep-v placket, when buttoned, keeps you looking professional, and when unbuttoned, keeps you looking Italian.Some of the spring line is weekend only, e.g. the striped gondolieri-esque Hanley Tee -- because there's no more reviled office character than the over-casual jerkoff slowly poling his way to the break room.