Kentucky's spirit arrives in TX

Excessive reliance on imports can ruin your economy, an idea that's all Greek to Greece. Now making in Texas what Texans consume most, Garrison Brothers Distillery

A homegrown Hill Country operation from a former GSD&M-er, Garrison has proudly crafted TX's first bourbon, strictly following our national spirit's standards (distilling sub-160 proof, barreling sub-120 proof, 51% corn, maturing in white American oak), while dispelling the myth that the stuff must be Kentucky-made the same way Champagne must come from Champagne, and Wild Irish Rose must come from C-Mart. The raw materials: 200ac of organic grain grown on-site, corn from the Panhandle, Pac-NW barley, and limestone-heavy groundwater tested to meet Bourbon County specs by Maker's and Buffalo Trace reps, all combining in the barrel to create a long velvety finish and a complex flavor profile dominated by smoked butterscotch, which fortunately tastes nothing like the butterscotch Kids' Telly smoked. Although they've been quietly distilling for a bit (under the pre-release name Young Gun), they've now expanded capacity (up to 5000gal of mash a day), and've just begun visitor programs: the quick "Whiskey Road Trip" (walk-through + tasting), the more intensive "Sit and Sip" (tastes at various stages of distilling), and, promising a full-on education + a take-home barrel, a package called "Old 300" -- also the pre-green-screen-era version of the movie, which basically involved naked guys running around fighting no one

Finding a bottle of Garrison on the shelves is rare, so your best bets beside the distillery are hooch-houses like tenOak and Trifecta on 3rd -- where you can wreck your economy, throw up your hands, and say you can't pay, and hope someone bails you out in the morning.