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Curry Village

While "Go West, Young Man" remains an iconic quote about America's coming of age, it's a crime that Horace Greeley gives absolutely zero words of warning about all those cats dressed as rats. Nevertheless heeding that advice, Curry Village.

Forced to shutter his well-loved, bite-sized Tenderloin joint Little Delhi when the landlord doubled his rent, Indian curryer extraordinaire Kamal began to plot his move out the Sunset, where his new joint brings all the flavor of LD and then some, in a 77-seat space modestly bedecked with glass two/four-tops and a big, wall-mounted poster of SF's skyline, so you can sit and eat and dream about one day seeing it in person! The curry n' special sauces at CV're unstoppably rich, and options range from clay-oven cooked lamb tikka masala, to BBQ'd tandoori chicken with sliced almond in yogurt/tomato gravy, to hot n' creamy Vindaloo sauce-slathered potatoes and goat cubes, aka Kid Rocks? Lighter options include shrimp biryani flavored up with exotic spices and saffron Basmati rice, all manner of steaming paneer/nan/roti, and the green papaya-aided "Indian-style Beef Steak", which is surprisingly not just a plate of green papaya.

CV busts "Regular Buffet" on Fridays and brunch on weekends, when you can expect "lots of food choices". They'll also cater your event, whether you're celebrating a birthday, or just unwinding after scaring off a bunch of cats with a large mechanical mouse.