Beer Pairings with Sang Yoon

Chef Sang Yoon is a beer renegade. The owner of Santa Monica's vaunted gourmet pub Father's Office believes that beer, more than wine, can make any meal taste better -- whether it's an $80 entree or a $2 frozen dinner

Because $80 meals aren't the norm, we asked Sang to apply his beer sommelier knowledge to some of the crappiest, most delicious food out there. Here are the pairings he advised

Chinese Takeout"Try a Belgian White Ale like Hoegaarden. The coriander and orange peel flavors should marry neatly with your #8 combo."

Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets"It's time for tall glass of Anchor Porter. The nutty, smoky flavors should really compliment the porky, cheesy aromas of a freshly nuked hot pocket."

Popeye's Fried Chicken"If you go for the spicy, and you should, I'd reach for a Belgian Golden Ale like Duvel. The beer has a nice spiciness of its own and will do a nice job cutting the grease."

Subway Club"Ham, turkey, roast beef and all the fixin's. Try a Rogue Dead Guy Ale. It's an American version of a German Maibock. It's lightly hoppy and toasty. Jared would approve."

Tacos, Chimichangas, Burritos, et al"Don't even think Corona. Spicy Mexican flavors need a Belgian Triple. Try a Canadian version. Unibroue La Fin Du Monde. The killer buzz from the 9% alcohol should blur the memory of the burning sensation the next morning."

Now that you're armed with this knowledge, you'll have an excuse to drink beer at every meal. Especially breakfast.