This or That: B-Real

On the eve of his band's semi-annual massive SmokeOut (with a reunited Goodie Mob, Cheech and Chong, and Slipknot, among others) , we harassed Cypress Hill rapper (and LA resident) B-Real about getting the munchies at Dodger Stadium, toking up with adult film stars, and killing aliens.

The Chronic, or Dr. Dre's The Chronic? Dr. Dre's The Chronic. Most chronic that's called chronic is actually sh**ty weed, but they call it the chronic anyways. At least I know with Dr. Dre's The Chronic I'm getting quality.

Venice Beach or the Getty Center? Venice Beach. The people make Venice Beach what they are – they're loose and cool and laid back, but they're very gangster. You can not f**k around with those people. I don't know about getting in the water or nothing like that though.

Venice Beach, or the buffet at Crazy Girls? Well, s**t, I'd have to give up Venice Beach and go to Crazy Girls. For the buffet!

Would you rather eat a Dodger Dog, or a bowl of Canter's matzo ball soup at Dodger Stadium? I can't see myself eating matzo ball soup at a Dodger game, so I'm going to have to go with the Dodger Dog. What if you're sitting there eating your soup, and the f**king ball gets cracked at you and it lands in your piping hot soup, and it blasts all over you? That'd be a buzzkill.

Killing a man, or killing an alien who's taken over a man's body and fooled even his wife, despite his proficient in-bed athleticism? Killing that motherfu**ing alien, 'cause who knows when he's gonna take my place? We'll have none of that.

Triangles or Circles? Hmm. I'd say circles. A circle is a cipher. You pass a joint in a cipher and it always comes back.

Finding out Shaq is having an affair with your girlfriend, or finding out Shaq has absolutely no interest in having an affair with your girlfriend? I think that's an easy one, man: finding out Shaq has absolutely no interest in having sex with your girlfriend. Who wants to picture Shaq smashing on his girlfriend?

Sasha Grey or Jenna Jameson? I'd have to go with Sasha Grey. I don't like what Jenna's done to her face. She was really beautiful, and now it's borderline strange.

Sasha Grey or Ron Jeremy? Ron Jeremy. He's a good friend of mine. I'll smoke out with Ron Jeremy!

But he's so hairy! I wouldn't be doing anything with him other than smoking joints. As long as he doesn't get his hairy ass on the joint, it's all good.

Hot lesbians, or girls that occasionally kiss other girls because they're feeling sexy? Girls that occasionally kiss other girls because they're feeling sexy. With the girls that you feel like they're doing it to be sexy, you might have a chance with them, with the hot lesbians all you get to do is watch. Who wants that?

Hugs or Drugs? Hugs. I don't do drugs.