WAR Defence

Published On 11/05/2008 Published On 11/05/2008

While the insatiable hunger for knowledge has led to the near god-like elevation of humanity, it will inevitably end in mankind being hunted down by an army of coldblooded, murderous robots. But those mechanical bastards didn't plan on WAR (Weapons Against Robots) Defence

Founded by serial entrepreneur/dot com millionaire Ben Way, WAR is set to cash in on future robo-assaults with a range of weapon and detection systems that would blow your mind if you could only imagine them. We probed Ben's visions and glimpsed a horrible future filled with inhuman killing machines

So, what's the deal with killer robots?
Currently robots are pretty basic, simple to destroy. But as they become more complicated...their tactical killing power [will grow]

What's the outlook?
Quite frankly, robots will be used for killing humans. Some countries will invest in robot technologies, some will invest in robotic defense, and some in both. As far as I am concerned, it is no different than developing bullet proof vests to defend against bullets

So you're making plans for our defense?
I have been tinkering with concepts for robot defenses for years. At its most basic it is centered around the fact that robots will be much stronger, agile, and be able to fight even if significantly damaged. Therefore, our current weapons are pretty useless

Do you see a robot attack as imminent?
I don't think a 'robot attack' is imminent. However, I am confident that robotics will be used more and more in the war theatre to replace humans, [which] at some point probably within the next fifteen years will hit a critical mass, where robots from rich countries generally fight wars against humans in poorer countries

Will there be a humanoid robot onslaught, Terminator style?
A humanoid robot would be much better at say urban warfare; however, on the battlefield you may find completely different types of robots. Maybe they will be mostly airborne, or robots that tunnel and place explosives beneath enemy positions undetectably

Do you see a possibility of robots becoming sentient?
To turn against us they would need to be able to emote, but there is a distinct possibility of this being achievable within 50 years. I think humans' natural curiosity will get the better of us. Scientists will strive to give 'life' to a robot; if they succeed we open Pandora's box, the implications for everything will change

How can we defend ourselves against these mechanized menaces?
There are really three ways to defend against [a robot attack]: one is interrupting or violating the communication between robots, and even potentially uploading viruses; second is disrupting their electrical systems, which is quite easy using current microwave technologies (though next generation defenses against this could be implemented); third is restricting mobility

With what?
Molten ballistics

What does the future hold for WAR Defence?
I have been running my own business for years and see robotics as one of the big three new industries. I plan to exploit both the creating and the destroying of robots. I wonder if my robots will be destroyed by the defense systems I create?



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