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Island Hoppers
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Three up-and-coming comedians. Three judges. One huge opportunity: to join the roster at Punchliner Comedy Club on Carnival Cruise Line®.
Our Host
James Van Der Beek
No show is complete without a teen-heartthrob-turned-movie-star host.
Episode 1
Episode 1
Well-Crafted Comedy
At a bar, on a ship, in the middle of the ocean, our comics must build a comedy set around an off-the-cuff cocktail recipe using a weird mystery ingredient. Best joke -- and best drink -- wins.
Episode 2
High-Speed Humor
Comedy clubs are hard. Telling jokes while bobsledding -- and zip lining -- through the jungle is even harder.
Episode 3
Competitive Commentary
Our comics take on a ropes course 150 feet in the air. But on the ground, it’s the best sports commentary that’ll win the day.
Episode 4
Hot Feet
In the first of our two-part competition, our comics hit the salsa floor for their points. But the second-half rap challenge is when things really heat up.
Episode 5
Hotter Bars
After the dust settles from the hot feet challenge, our comics find out who has the hottest rap skills -- but there’s a spicy twist.
Episode 6
Riddle Me This
Our comics hit the beach in Cozumel with a set of clues to embark on the scavenger hunt of their lives.
Episode 7
Sudden Death Stand Up
The moment our comics have been waiting for, this is a no-holds-barred final comedy set for a live audience to determine who wins the roster spot.