Take aim at South SF's new shooting range

While running around with a nine in your waistband's obviously reckless, anyone who's ever watched Dirty Harry or Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood can find himself with an itchy trigger finger. Get your gun on at Jackson Arms

Unsurprisingly located in South San Francisco, JA's a sprawling, 12-lane indoor range frequented by cops (law enforcement) and NRA members (justice enforcement).

Choose your piece from a selection of rifles, shotguns, and various pistols, starting with Rugers and Glocks, on up to the Smith & Wesson 500 -- designed to protect against Grizzlies, it fires bullets the size of AA batteries to ensure park rangers and poachers keep going and going and going... First-timers require a seasoned chaperone, or an intro class; savvier shooters can take a 2-4 day Protection Course and learn to clear rooms, neutralize threats, tactically reload, and shoot onrushing hippies through all three of their black, alien hearts

Because bargains can be hunted too, JA offers Thursday group nights (3rd shooter blasts free), while Monday's ladies night, leaving you to ask, "Do women also crave that cold caress of deadly steel?" Ya Ya they do.