Jamaica Is Way More Intense Than You Thought

You probably have a certain idea of Jamaica in your head. Well, throw it out and take a look at the island from a new perspective. Sure, “The Home of All Right” is a relaxing retreat for people who want to slow their vibe, but there are so many adventures to be found here for a high-gear getaway, you may just realize Jamaica is all the right kinds of intense. After you bobsled through the jungle (yes, that is a real thing), the ATV Quad Safari actually seems like kind of a quiet break in the action. But don’t get too chill: You’re about to swim and ride a horse... at the same time. Then you can kick back for real with some bike riding, fishing, or swimming under a waterfall, so you’re completely relaxed when night falls, and you find a boat to party on. And don’t forget to fuel up for all this adventure. This is your chance to sample authentic local flavors like jerk chicken, or a red snapper that came out of the sea just minutes ago -- if you’re feeling hands-on, you may even get to scale your supper yourself.