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Brews and sports in Lakeview

Your living room would be the ultimate sports-watching spot, if only you had a bigger television, a more robust beer selection, and someone to undertip for getting you all those beers. Until "if only" happens, try The Coach House

Adjoining Uncle Fatty's, Coach was designed as a living-room-esque sports den, with a working fireplace, a brick-&-stone oval bar, area rugs, cedar high-tops, ten 52-inch flatscreens, and six portraits of the patriarchal Fatty himself. Furthering the experience are two elevated reservable viewing areas: one sports an 8-person butcher-block table and custom-stockable fridge, the other's got an entertainment center filled with board games and a flatscreen hooked up to Wii and X-Box, so you don't have to depend on Rex Grossman to say, "F*** it, I'm going deep". The booze selection's beastly, with 50 bottles of beer (Duvel, Delirium Tremens, Wittekerke, Shiner Bock, etc), 20+ wines, and around 15 specialty martinis, notably the Guinness and Champagne fueled "Iron Worker" -- for when the occasion calls for something classier than the boilermaker, but still not really classy at all

As an added incentive, Coach is implementing scads of daily specials, including a free Sat/Sun buffet, and "Shot O'Clock" where at predetermined Fri/Sat times there'll be free shots for all -- which you'd totally do at your place, if only "all" wasn't just "you".