Las Vegas
4. Harlo
Downtown Summerlin

You can smell Harlo before you even step foot inside, thanks to the aroma of steaks cooked over white oak with an open flame. Harlo recently took over the old Andiron space at Downtown Summerlin, bringing a high-end steakhouse (and Strip prices) to the West Valley. Chef Gina Marinelli already has one of the best Italian restaurants in Las Vegas with La Strega and is reinventing her pasta program in side dishes to complement dry-aged steaks from the nation's best ranches and producers—including three different filets and a tall, 2.5-inch Bistecca alla Fiorentina. The restaurant also celebrates caviar (sourced by Forte's Nina Manchev) in a choice of formats and adds a few fun touches to the salads (a seven-minute egg on the Caesar or pastrami in the Wedge for example). The room has plenty of energy with art deco design features as well as an exceptional service team and cocktail menu.
How to book: Visit the website to book a reservation.

6. Barry’s Downtown Prime

Barry's Downtown Prime, tucked out of the way in the basement level of Circa, is a sprawling, circular dining space with private rooms for parties large and small. The concept by Barry Dakake (formerly of Scotch 80 Prime at the Palms) features a mix of dry and wet-aged steaks cooked over charcoal and fruitwood. The signature ribeye cap, marinated in shallots, garlic, and olive oil, is a holdover from the chef's days at N9NE Steakhouse. Try it with the mac n' cheese, truffle gnocchi, or gourmet tater tots on the side. Overall, the environment is dark and moody, with vintage design elements and the occasional indoor olive tree making an appearance. The best seats are at the 12-person chef's table, surrounded by wine racks, where Dakake himself is eager to customize a meal on the fly.
How to book: Request a reservation online.

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