Having multiple personalities can actually be pretty awesome, even if both you and your Brad Pitt version do have to hang out with Meat Loaf and his rack all the time. Giving you an uber-club with a bunch of lovable ones, Marquee.A 60,000sqft beast that's a pool club by day and a (generally) raging multifaceted nightclub come dark, David Rockwell-designed (dude's done everything from Nobu Dubai to the Steelers' stadium) Marquee is ready to blow your face off with two pools, seven bars, outdoor gaming, and three main rooms, including a massive party zone with a three-story dance tower complete with catwalks and a 10ft flip-down-able drawbridge, although that's all for their pro dancers, so try to climb it and you'll be asked to go-go. From there, venture down to the floor-to-ceiling Strip-view BoomBox Room, which gets an urban nightclub feel thanks to graffiti murals and lots of hip-hop, or chill things out in the quieter, DJ-less Library, an intimate lounge with high-back chairs, a fireplace, shelves o' books chronicling Vegas history and a pool table covered in red felt -- also what most cocktail waitresses working Mr. Foxx's shows were by the end of the night. While there's enough bottle service for Flo Rida (not really, of course, but almost), they've also unleashed a tight roster of signature cocktails, from an Aviation, to the "Elevation" (Red Bull, 10 Cane Rum, white cranberry juice, fresh raspberries), to the Dewar's-fueled "Blood & Sand", aka Jason Statham's two requirements for his island getaways.If you manage to see the light of day, outside features eight cabanas with individual infinity pools, plus ten three-story bungalows with open-air party decks facing the action on one side, and offering views of the Bellagio fountains on the other, and your very own living quarters on the third floor -- no word yet on whether there's a basement in which to conveniently beat up Jared Leto.