Food & Drink

Cabo Wabo Cantina

It's a blast guessing which hit financed a piece of a musician's lifestyle: did "Sad But True" pay for James Hetfield's 5 acre mansion? Did "That Unnamed Feeling" pay the broker when James Hetfield sold his 5 acre mansion? Making that game too easy: Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina, grand opening at Planet Hollywood December 4th.

A bi-level booze-shack/live music venue where grass awnings adorn the bars and a giant back-lit Red Rocker mural adorns your brain, the Vegas CWC is the 2nd stateside outpost of the joint that made Cabo San Lucas less a "sleepy town", and more a place where thousands go to pass out. Naturally, tequila rules the roost, with Sammy's blanco gracing such numbers as the "Coconut Margarita" (cream of coconut, shaved/toasted coconut, pineapple juice, sweet & sour, orange liqueur), the energy-drink-juiced "Cabo Bomba", and the tomato juice/fresh sour/habanero Tabasco "Red Pepper Sangrita"; just like there almost certainly were on the OU812 tour, there are also liquor-spiked popsicles, bringing childlike joy to your already childlike behavior. To keep you grounded, slam Mexi-dishes like the Lobster Burrito, the serrano'd Sammy's Tequila Shrimp, fajitas rolled in 12" tortillas, and grilled skirt-steak Tostadas Vampiro -- how did they know you could only be killed by a steak in the heart

Because souvenirs rock, the gift shop sells everything from Sammy tees ("I Can't Drive 55": Hagar on a red Mustang hood) to the "Sammy & the Wabos Red Bandana". To take Wabo with you, shamble off with a to-go cup from the adjacent daiquiri bar -- just don't be shocked when onlookers say, "Oh, that's Creeping Death".