El Segundo Sol

Las Vegas Blvd is abound with opportunities for crap, from guitar-shaped drinking vessels, to New Orleans-style beads, to misleading "stripper-direct" cards promoting ladies at whom you'd hurl even your prized pot-leaf beads to have them not flash you. Finally letting you grab something awesome Stripside, El Segundo Sol

Located across from The Wynn at the front of the Fashion Show Mall, Sol's a Mexican outpost housing a totally-Strip-unique on-the-go taco shack made of reclaimed wood and topped with a corrugated roof, a bright and colorful main resto with servers dressed in guayaberas & Chucks, and a tequila tasting room encased in chicken wire, presumably to make things more comfortable for blind slide-guitar virtuoso guests. Streetside tacos're three bucks 'n' under, and include all-natural shredded chicken, slow-braised beef brisket, and al pastor (pork); sit-down offerings branch out into guacamole made to taste table table-side, Mexican pizza cheese crisps (melted panela, jack & Parmesan), a beer battered chile relleno, and an agave-glazed salmon w/ cilantro rice, wilted greens & chayote, a plant from the squash family also know as "tayota", which hopefully won't result in a dangerously uncontrolled flow of gas. Tequila tasting's your choice of six three-shot flights, ranging from the all-reposado "Smooth" (Oro Azul, Don Julio, and Cielo), to Anejo'd-out "Viva Las Vegas" (El Mayor, Herradura, and El Jimador), to "First Class", with Herradura Seleccion Suprema, Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, and Don Julio 1942, in which Columbus sailed the ocean...oh wait, no, just a lot of war and dying that year

If your chest/balls are already plenty hairy, ditch the straight stuff for margaritas like the Big Sick (Midori, Blue Curacao, Chambord), or non-ritas like the Agave Cooler (agave nectar, fresh mint, Cruzan light rum) and the Sauza Blanco/Red Bull/fresh lime Speedy Lopez, perhaps a tribute to George Lopez's upcoming voice-over role as Speedy Gonzales -- great, more crap!