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First Food & Bar

Ah, the Strip's got it all: Fountains. Pyramids. Eiffel Towers. Hooker pamphlets so plentiful, you could walk barefoot and never have a toe touch cement. But whither the neighborhood bar & grill? It's arrived, with First Food & Bar

Once a vaunted Manhattan standby, the Vegas First comprises 10,000 sq ft of industrial loft-styled space, with graffiti-strewn wood walls, a huge mahogany bar, and a mishmash of vintage and modern furniture, serving a ballsy mix of tweaked comfort-food and booze from early to "very late" (7am-4am, 6am Thu-Sat). The resto's tone's set by the words "Breakfast can have booze on it, in it, or during it" -- hence the Breakfast Martini (Bombay Sapphire, Cointreau, orange marmalade, lemon juice...toast!), which you can anchor with stalwarts like "Midwest Killer" (sunnyside-up eggs over Kentucky fried pork chop, creamy grits, homemade biscuit, gravy), breakfast mini-burgers (w/ bacon, egg, cheddar & bearnaise), and, if you're feeling like a jackass, "The Jackass": pancake, French toast, waffle, Jim Beam Ham, and a shot of both Wild Turkey's Honey Bourbon and Jim Beam's not-honey Jim Beam. Later in the day, there's everything from Reuben/Prime Rib/Catfish "Crazy Little Tacos", to seven sliders (original, sloppy duck, 3 little pigs...), to Philly Cheesesteak Dumplings, to the "Little Punisher" -- a huge slab of certified Angus beef that, at $33, dwarfs the box office gross of Normal Punisher.

As for the bar, there're pitchers of margaritas and sangria, a full slate of martinis (one made with 5hr Energy), and medium and large "tiny tinis" (tiny in the way "Tiny" Lister is tiny); there's also a high-tech photo booth that emails pics to you -- which you can print out and strew about your home so thickly that your toe never touches a single hooker pamphlet.