Hussong's Cantina

No one accuses Vegas of being terribly authentic, except for the New York, New York roller coaster, which is an exact replica of the one zipping around Manhattan even now!! Bringing more authenticity to Sin City, Hussong's Cantina

Recreating the original Hussong's, the Baja Mexico icon that birthed the margarita, and was left to John Hussong in 1892 after its original owner attacked his wife with an axe, Vegas' massive Cantina gets all the rustic charms of the original, including an identical facade and exterior signage, and a strikingly similar green/red interior filled with old-school photos, magazine covers, and movie posters, presumably not for certain sensitive Mike Myers flicks. Of course, the marg's the house drink, all served on the rocks (never blended or crushed): the Original's made with Casa Noble organic tequila, Azul Resposado 100% Blue Agave, orange liqueur, and freshly made sweet & sour; the Linertad o Muerte adds Cointreau, a splash of OJ, and a "float" of Gran Marnier, and comes in a skull; while the Baja Blackout (meant to be sucked up a straw in one shot) gets Cabrito Tequila, soda water, and Patron XO Cafe, the more upscale, amorous version of Patron Cafe. Food's traditional Mexican with a wide variety of tacos like the Birria (pulled goat meat in a guajillo sauce, fresh tomato, onion, cilantro), Dorado Lobster, Chicharrones (pork rinds in pacilla salsa), as well as a range of burritos, chimichangas, and nachos created according to the Hussong's family recipe, ensuring they're flaky "yet strong on the dip," like a Skoal-addicted high school cheerleader

Continue getting fatter with desserts like Sopapillas (fried dough with cinnamon, dulce de leche ice cream, and pacilla infused honey), Platano Macho (slow-baked plantain with condensed milk and cajeta), Choco-Flan (half chocolate cake, half flan served with strawberry salsa), and fried ice cream -- because cold fat's authentic dessert, but dipping said fat in hot fat first is even authenticer.