Food & Drink


So much of Vegas nightlife lures in visitors with themes ranging from dirty to filthy, so it's nice when a new spot builds its brand around shameless debauchery...and good hygiene! Welcome to Lavo. From the club maestros behind Tao, Lavo's a bi-level restaurant & club that balances Mediterranean dining against Vegas-style performance art -- most notably, in both stairwell wall nooks and a $5000 copper tub in the dining room, you'll witness barely clothed stripper/Cleopatra hybrids engaged in bathing rituals while enjoying grapes and wash-towels served by bald midgets. Start out at the downstairs 30-table resto, gorging tapas-style on charred octopus salad, branzino caponata, lobster & truffles pizza, etc, under 20ft ceilings surrounded by walls decked out in mock-weathered tiles and Renaissance nudes, in case you prefer "classically flabby" to that which the midgets are washing. Taking you upstairs to the club is a glass bridge lined with stone wash basins; once inside, you'll find a hookah-filled, tiled archway'd bar area leading to a teched-out, dome-ceilinged dance floor with decorative bathtub fixtures jutting out of the walls -- sadly, bottle service does not include Pert Plus. But perhaps the best seats in the house are on a 10-table patio right on the Strip, from which you can catch Treasure Island's nightly battle royale between filthy "renegade pirates" and dirty "tempting sirens" -- so intense, the only thing in need of hygiene will be your pants.