Book it downtown for boozin'

From Hemingway, to Fitzgerald, to Cheever, to Kerouac, the connections between great literature and hooch are enough to make you say "Oh boy". Or "O. Henry", if you want to prove you're totally into 20th-century American literature. Form your own connection without the debilitating side effects, at Lady Silvia

The vision of two downtown developers, Lady Silvia's bringing a touch of boozy old-world class to SoHo Lofts, with a Prague-inspired library look borne out by floor-to-ceiling shelves of hardbacks, purple-glowing candelabras, brightly colored furniture ranging in style from Victorian to mod, and an enormously tiled black & white checkerboard floor, so anyone who drinks like a rook should be put in the corner. The cocktails back up the vibe, with gin/vodka classic martinis, Manhattans, and owner-favored vodka Gibsons supporting still-in-the-works specialty inebriators based on seasonal fruits & veggies, which currently include a vodka joint mixed with grapefruit and muddled avocado, surprisingly not the pits. The hard stuff gets its appropriate due as well, with 8-12 hand-picked boutique Scotches and about a dozen older single malts, while hop heads can hit everything from Estrella Damm, to Dogfish Head 90, to double-hopped Black Star Brew out of Whitefish, Montana, where libraries have long served as bars, as most towns there only have one building

And as TLS is part of a two block radius developed by the same crew, guests can easily stroll next door to Resnicks Grocery to fortify themselves with some grub, though if your deep knowledge of American lit taught you anything, it's that you're going to need something more than an Oh Henry!