Strip Clubs for Sale

Vegas' "Sin City" reputation stems in part from its awesome array of strip clubs, but given that industry's geographic reach, can't we call America "Sin Country"? With your help, we can, thanks to

Created by the folks behind naked-club trade pub ED Publications (also hosts of the Annual Gentlemen's Club Trade Expo, Aug 23 at Mandalay Bay) SC4S boasts the largest database of on-the-market pleasure palaces, currently listing 47 establishments: 20 all-nude, 21 topless, 3 go-go, and 3 sketchily designated "other". Listings are impeccably detailed, from gross/net income and legal status (lawsuits, health-code violations, etc), to capacity, square footage, number of bars and stages, info on the employees themselves, like whether or not dancers pay the club a house fee, how many dancers work the day/night shifts, and lap-dance cost; there's even a breakdown of valets and bathroom attendants, thereby assuring you yours'll be in mint condition. The diversity of offerings is staggering, including a "reasonably priced" club in Iowa featuring "full friction lap dances", a Florida club with attached seven-room motel, international steez like an all-inclusive adult retreat in the Dominican, and of course a five-business Missouri complex that includes a full-nude juice bar, giving glorious dual application to the word "smoothie".

Non-members can enjoy browsing extremely entertaining thumbnails, while fuller treatment requires a membership; if you can't afford it, SC4S says "you can't afford to buy one of these clubs" -- but at these prices, you can't afford not to!