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Stripper Bar

While strippers are the lifeblood and moneymakers of any gentleman's joint, they're rarely ever the ones actually pulling the strings, except the ones on the Umbros you're totally not even supposed to be wearing. Until now: Stripper Bar Las Vegas.Located inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, SB's the first and only Vegas bar run completely by the types of nice girls who favor Lucite heels, from top management on down; walk through the legs of a 31-foot, 2,500lb redhead stripper named Sindy into a dark, cozy space with a few TVs, a ring of bar stools, patio tables with red leather seating, and autographed photos/memorabilia of famous exotic dancers -- no surprise, as they know they're way around a John Hancock. Why you're there: a small army of predictably clad/not-clad girls who'll not only serve as your waitresses, hostesses, and bartenders, but also take to the pole at the stage in the center of the bar every half-hour for burlesque-ish stripteases; they'll also encourage female guests looking to work the pole (while offering some tips), plus there's beer pong and board games like Battleship, although not the Electronic version, so who cares. The menu keeps your mind squarely in the gutter with T&A (Teases & Appetizers) like jalapeno poppers, G-String fries, and tacos, plus specialty cocktails like the "Nice Melons" (Skyy Infusion pineapple vodka, Midori melon liqueur, pineapple juice), the "Simply Nuts" (Ciroc acai vodka, pineapple juice, OJ & grenadine), and the Crown/fresh sour/OJ "Stiffy", which interestingly, has the exact opposite effect.Because she's kinky like that, Sindy's got a hidden camera in her panties snapping photos of all the perverts peeping up as they walk through, which can be bought and taken home as a souvenir -- much better than burly grip marks on your neck and a pair of sadly unsoiled soccer shorts.