In Vegas, even the newest things can use a touch-up every now and again, which can be risky, depending on the mood of the woman who got the plastic surgery. Overhauling a still-young casino: Surrender, the all-new nightclub at Encore

Because apparently he was bored or something, Steve Wynn quickly decided his year-old Encore Resort needed a change, so he transformed the entire front end into a 60,000sqft nightclub/beach club hybrid, which now honks at all the other massive nightclub/beach club hybrids when they drive by. Indoor festivities take place in 5,000sqft of bright yellow tufted leather banquettes, leopard carpets, two raised mini stages with poles for the gold-mesh-skirt and leopard-bikini go-go dancers, and a center bar lorded over by a giant golden snake; outside, it's marble tabletops and orange pillows, three pools filled with lights that move to the music, 40ft palm trees, schloads of private cabanas, and eight two-story private bungalows with Strip views, hot tubs, and showers -- so again, strip views. Bottle service offers a full range of the good stuff, and there're specialty cocktails like the "I Surrender" (Grey Goose Le Citron, wild hibiscus syrup, fresh mint, lemon juice) and the "Tantrum" (Patron Silver, fresh tangerines/lime juice); DJs'll spin from a glass-encased booth, leveraging award-winning John Lyons Systems lighting and sound design, which combine to either create individual soundtracks for different sections of the joint, or an overarching beat for the whole club, avoiding the trampling deaths normally associated with only one corner playing Justin Beiber

Surrender opens at 10:30pm, but the outside space is open and goes by Encore Beach Club by day, and features poolside spa treatments in your cabana or bungalow, a cafe area serving freshly grilled BBQ, chaise lounges, and outdoor gaming -- which you can retreat to after meeting a newly endowed woman, making a monumentally bad first impression, and realizing you're not gonna get to poker.