Vanity Affair with Jason Giambi

When ordering an exorbitantly priced bottle of booze, the standard line is, "What do I get, a BJ with that?", or "What do I get, a 3-night stay in Jason Giambi's 20,000sqft, $11m Cabo mansion with that?" Well, the answer to one of those is now yes, thanks to Hard Rock's Vanity Affair with Jason Giambi.Only available at the all-new nightclub Vanity is the Vanity Affair, where $100k gets you the joint's most exclusive table, one of only 100 3-liter, gold sheathed, laser-etched bottles of 1995 Dom Perignon white gold Jeroboam (the most expensive bubbly money can buy), plus, naturally, a three-night stay for you and 11 buds at the Cabo San Lucas villa of club co-owner/noted ambiguous apologizer Jason Giambi. The 9-bedroom, 12-bathroom mondo-luxe villa comes complete with all the food and booze you can handle, a full staff to cook and clean during your stay, and a personal chaperon to take care of any requests and make sure you don't trash the joint or dance too sexily during the slow songs. The villa's beyond decked, boasting a full state-of-the-art gym, movie theater, wine cellar, 16 flatscreens, a professionally appointed poker table, a split-level swimming pool area, private jacuzzis in a bunch of the bedrooms, a putting green, an outdoor kitchen with a gas grill, and two gas fire pits, so everyone can gather 'round for a hearty laugh, except Kevin.As should be the case for 1/10 of a million bucks, first class airfare for all 12's included, providing another opportunity to try and down another $100,000 worth of Champagne.