Amsterdam Is No. 1 at These 9 Things (Suck It, Every Other City)

Is Amsterdam the best city in the world? We're pretty sure it is. Don’t agree? Well these nine facts, studies, and surveys say that you’re wrong and we’re right. Here’s what Amsterdam is No. 1 at...

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The Dutch are the tallest people in the world, with men reaching an average height of 184cm (about 6ft 1in), which makes stadium seating and balconies a blessing for expat concert-goers across the city hoping to see more than the backs of heads.

Amsterdam’s claimed this title since at least 2006, but the number of different nationalities keeps increasing, clocking in at 180 in 2015. That puts NYC’s measly 150+ (in 2012) to shame. Also beating NYC in the No. 2 spot? Antwerp. Who knew?

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According to stats map-maker Jakub Marian, using data from the Special Eurobarometer 386, no other EU country outside the British Isles has such a high concentration of people who can chat you up in English. That obviously counts double for Amsterdam. Thank the whole multicultural trading city thing, of course -- but the non-dubbed TV and movies even more.

We’re as shocked as you are. Maybe it’s because multilingual Amsterdammers aren’t dicks about speaking your language?

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We’re No. 1! We’re No. 1!

Just to make sure it doesn’t get any better when you stop driving either. (Did we mention we like bikes?)


So at least there’s that. Thanks, EU Transport Scoreboard!

You should see what we do with water… (We also have the world’s most sustainable office building.)

Flickr/Dennis van Zuijlekom

Amsterdammers love themselves some networked digital technology, and thankfully, have the infrastructure to support it: the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange).

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