How to Have Fun in Atlanta—No Booze Required

Non-alcoholic bars, wellness retreats, and more zero-proof fun.

It’s no secret that non-alcoholic drinks and sober bars are increasing in popularity across the country—and that’s true in Atlanta as well. In a city with so many great things to do, you can pack a weekend (or lifetime) full of fun in Atlanta without ever having a sip of alcohol. We’ve got spaces dedicated to zero-proof drinking and mocktails that rival drinks at the city’s best bars.

But even beyond the growing non-alcoholic scene, there are plenty of sober things to do that don’t involve drinking at all (boozy or otherwise). From top-notch museums and shopping destinations to special events centered around wellness, you’ll find plenty of fun. Whether you’ve completely cut out alcohol, are embarking on Dry January, or just want to take a night off, here are the best events and things to do in Atlanta that don't involve drinking.

The Sober Social Bar
The Sober Social Bar | Photo by M.S. Meeuwesen

Non-Alcoholic Drinking in Atlanta

Zero-proof beverages and NA bars

There was once a time when zero-proof beverages didn’t go far beyond soda—but times have changed. Sure, you can purchase expertly crafted non-alcoholic cocktails at many top restaurants and bars in Atlanta, but Atlanta is also home to several venues dedicated to the dry drinker. The Sober Social Bar in Castleberry Hill has grown in popularity since it opened in 2022, and a pop-up called Altered Bar at the art venue Bardo offers fun experiences like movie nights and art exhibitions, all while serving some of the best non-alcoholic pours in the city. At stores like The Zero Co. and Soberish, customers can purchase mixers, glasses, fruits, liquids, and more to craft the perfect mocktail (or mocktails, depending on how many want to join the party) from the comfort of your own home.

Coffee shops and tea spots

Your local happy hour isn’t the only time you can grab a drink with a friend or two. Urban Grind’s intimate atmosphere is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy freshly brewed coffee and loose-leaf herbal tea. The shop also features a selection of panini sandwiches, pastries and desserts, along with events such as art exhibits and poetry jams during the evening time. If you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop that also houses novels, children’s books, and New York Times bestsellers, then The Read Shop was made just for you.

While it has become normal to run to your nearest bar whenever a celebration is in order, catching up over tea is a fun, upscale way to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. Atlanta is home to several tea rooms, all with its own unique character. Inman Park’s Just Add Honey has long been a go-to, Dr. Bombay’s grants you the option of getting your tea on the run, and the Swan Coach House gives attendees a dose of Southern charm any time they enter its doors.

Console x 2ndbdrm
Photo courtesy of Console x 2ndbdrm

Arts and Culture Things to Do in Atlanta

Bear & Honey Candle Co.

Head to Bear & Honey Candle Co., a company that sells some of the sweetest smelling candles in the city and offers unique candle making classes that you have to experience. Along with creating some cool candles that have up to 40 hours of burn time, visitors can also make dessert candles, a waxed and wicked fixture modeled after your favorite pastries. Whether you’re popping in solo or booking a group party, these classes are both fun and fulfilling.

Console by 2ndbdrm

Head to Citizen Supply, an artisan marketplace within Ponce City Market, and go straight to Console by 2ndbdrm for a vinyl listening experience like no other. Surrounded by furniture, incense, non-alcoholic spirits, and other items for sale in the marketplace, there’s a collection of records that will intrigue both casual music lovers and crate-digging vets alike.

Starlight Drive-In

Since the world entered the Silicon Age, we’ve gotten away from many of the good experiences that the old days provided. Well, Atlanta has a gem that takes you back to generations past: the legendary Starlight Drive-In. For what’s arguably the best movie deal in Atlanta, you can bring your own food and drink and watch a double feature from the sanctuary of your car all for about $10 per person.

Georgia Aquarium

You can never go wrong by visiting the largest aquarium in the country for a day of sea appreciation. For years, the Georgia Aquarium has entertained and educated, and features exhibits dedicated to the ocean and the animals that dwell inside of it.

Escape rooms

It would be hard to drink anything when you're putting your mind to the test at one of the many escape rooms in Atlanta. These venues offer some impossible challenges, with difficulty levels ranging from super easy to incredibly hard. You’ll have to work to solve puzzles and riddles, and ultimately crack the code so that you can exit safely.

iFly Indoor Skydiving
Photo courtesy of iFly Indoor Skydiving

Wellness Things to Do in Atlanta

Floasis Float & Sauna Center

There’s nothing more tranquil than disconnecting in a float tank. At Floasis, you can find relief from pain and stress the natural way. This remedy has also been known to reduce anxiety, enhance creativity, and even improve sleep and your immune function. A state-of-the-art sauna is on site as well for an extra boost.

Indoor skydiving

Fly high while still staying grounded. iFly Indoor Skydiving is an exhilarating activity that makes you feel like you're 20,000 feet in the air when you hover inside of the facility’s second-to-none wind tunnels. If you’ve never jumped out of a plane before, that’s quite alright—you don’t need to have any experience for this one.

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