TV Shows Atlantans Can Watch During Quarantine

Bet you didn’t know some of these shows were set in the ATL.

Stranger Things
'Stranger Things' | Netflix
'Stranger Things' | Netflix

Social distancing has us missing a lot: our friends, our routines, and -- ultimately -- our city. Staying inside might be helping to flatten the curve of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mentally escape the confines of your home. 

Thanks to Atlanta’s booming clout in the film world, countless shows across all streaming platforms convey either realistic or fictionalized versions of our city. With a phone, TV, or tablet in your possession, you have the ability to explore Atlanta and other parts of Georgia through your screen. Whether you’re looking to jump into church family drama, local murder mysteries, or anything in between, here are made-it-Atlanta TV shows that locals can stream right now.

'Atlanta' | Hulu


Donald Glover may have just made an impressive return to music as Childish Gambino with his album 3.15.20, but you can’t talk about his creative work (or shows filmed in Georgia) without mentioning his absurd comedy, Atlanta -- which stars himself alongside Zazie Beetz, Lakeith Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry. From quests to get a good haircut to losing money to the city’s nightlife, Atlanta probably captures everyday life in our city better than any other show on television.
Where to stream: Hulu
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The Walking Dead
'The Walking Dead' | Netflix

The Walking Dead

Like the zombies that (kind of) dominate its narrative, The Walking Dead just doesn’t seem to die. Currently airing its tenth season, the show has moved into a completely different, and honestly refreshing, direction. For those who may have fallen off from the show a few seasons back, this is your chance to see how far it has come.
Where to stream: Netflix for the first nine seasons, AMC for season 10
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Fresh off the release of its third season, Ozark is a dark tale about a family forced to launder millions of dollars in the Ozarks. Only, the show -- while set in Missouri,  is actually filmed in Georgia, at Lake Allatoona and Lake Lanier.
Where to stream: Netflix
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'Brockmire' | IFC


This bite-sized comedy is an off-kilter satire and unlikely critical darling that stars The Simpsons alum Hank Azaria. For its fourth and final season, the show leaps into the future, with welcomed doses of dystopian social commentary juxtaposed with jokes about one of the oldest and most rigid sports in America.
Where to stream: Hulu for first three seasons and IFC for season four

Real Housewives of Atlanta

There’s no shame in your reality show game. They bring some of the most consistent entertainment to television, and Real Housewives of Atlanta is no exception. With familiar scenery and a cast of the city’s most compelling entrepreneurs and fashionistas, the show features a dynamic balance of sisterhood, drama, and comedy.
Where to stream: Hulu the the first 11 seasons and Bravo for season 12
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CW’s Dynasty is a soap opera filmed and set in Atlanta that shows the lengths that people will go to secure a fortune. The reboot of the original 1980s series stars Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon Carrington and Nathalie Kelly as Celia Muchado, and it has already been renewed for a fourth season ahead of the season three finale.
Where to stream: Netflix for the first two seasons and CW for season three

Raising Dion
'Raising Dion' | Netflix

Raising Dion

The only thing cooler than characters realizing that they have super powers is kids realizing that they have super powers. That’s basically the premise of Raising Dion, but the allure of a young boy’s new powers quickly fades away as it begins to cause trouble for his single widowed mother.
Where to stream: Netflix
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Parallelling Hollywood’s undying interest in reboots, Atlanta has become the unofficial land of reboots, and MacGyver is one of its byproducts. The reinterpretation of the ’80s cult classic has been running since 2016, and Lucas Till stars as creative problem-solver Angus MacGyver.
Where to stream: CBS All Access

'Boomerang' | BET


Inspired by the 1992 film of the same name that starred Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry, Boomerang sidesteps a frame-by-frame reboot for a modern interpretation. Tetona Jackson and Tequan Richmond lead an excellent cast of young actors and actresses, as well rappers like Joey Bada$$ and Dreezy.
Where to stream: BET+ for season one, BET for season two

Stranger Things

If you haven’t heard of or watched Stranger Things by now, that rock that you’ve been living under must be heavy. The 1980s-inspired sci-fi horror has become the poster child for Netflix originals, and the runaway hit filmed its first three seasons across Georgia, from Patrick Henry High School to Gwinnett Place Mall.
Where to stream: Netflix
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Cobra Kai
'Cobra Kai' | Sony Pictures Television

Cobra Kai

Jaden Smith made a big splash with his 2010 Karate Kid performance, but the reboot didn’t quite capture the magic of its ’80s counterparts. Cobra Kai understood that and tapped Ralph Macchio and William Zabka from the original movie for a twisted Karate Kid sequel you didn’t know you needed.
Where to stream: YouTube Premium


Drama manifests best in places where you don’t expect it, and Craig Wright’s Greenleaf is built upon this premise. The Greenleaf family is swimming in scandals, affairs, and deception -- all while running the Calvary Fellowship World Ministries mega church. A fifth season is expected later this year, so now is the time to get into the holy mess that is Greenleaf.
Where to stream: Netflix

Doom Patrol
'Doom Patrol' | Warner Bros. Television

Doom Patrol

Filmed in Conyers, Lawrenceville, and Druid Hills, DCs Doom Patrol features a ragtag group of outkasts who’ve gained superpowers through tragic accidents and experiments. The team -- which consists of a disfigured pilot, a now gelatinous actress, cyborgs, and a girl with multiple superpowered personalities -- goes on a journey to save their mentor and ultimately face their traumas. 
Where to stream: DC Universe

Survivor’s Remorse

A visual interpretation of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo Money Mo Problems,” Survivor’s Remorse explores the various facets of the life of a newly-signed NBA player who moves to Atlanta to play professionally. Executive produced by Lebron James, the dramedy ran from 2014 to 2017, making for a solid four-season binge.
Where to stream: Starz

Homicide Squad

Fans of true crime stories will be hooked to this 2017 docuseries that hits dangerously close to home. An offshoot of The First 48, Homicide Squad Atlanta follows local investigators bent on solving the 2016 murder of Bridget Shiel, a 19-year-old found naked with several gunshot wounds in a park in Oakland City.
Where to stream: Amazon Prime

Queer Eye

Netflix’s Queer Eye is the televised comfort food that we could all use right about now. The reality show’s first two seasons were filmed in Atlanta and its surrounding areas, and it features a new Fab Five -- Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness -- who gives everyday Atliens makeovers that go deeper than their wardrobe.
Where to stream: Netflix
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Being Mary Jane
'Being Mary Jane' | BET+

Being Mary Jane

BET struck gold with Being Mary Jane in 2013. Starring Gabrielle Union, Michael Ealy, Lisa Vidal, Omari Hardwick, and a slew of other familiar faces, BMJ follows the ambitious career of a single Black woman in Atlanta as she juggles her work as a news anchor with family issues and a steamy love life.
Where to stream: BET+


A new generation of supernatural drama returns to Mystic Falls (aka Covington), and longtime fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have likely already sunk their teeth into Legacies. Now’s your chance for a super binge of all three.
Where to stream: Netflix


The superhero genre isn’t always focused on wisecracks on larger than life visuals, and HBO’s Emmy-nominated series Watchmen -- starring Regina King, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Jeremy Irons -- is a stellar example of how serious and political they can be.
Where to stream: HBO Now
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Joshua Robinson is an Atlanta-based contributor for Thrillist.
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