The 20 Most Instagrammed Places in Austin

What’s your favorite Instagram spot in Austin? Wait, don’t tell us. Seriously, because we already know. We politely asked the tech department to crunch the hell out of some numbers, and they came back to us with the top 20 most Insta-tagged places in the city, and here they are:

You have to admit, this place looks pretty sweet.

Banger’s serves so much sausage, beer, and cheese-smothered sides, it’s no wonder they made the list. Patrons go IG crazy, especially after one of their 1-liter Man-Mosas.

“Now throw your hands in the air, and wave em’ like you just don’t care” -- that the people behind you can’t see.

The JW Marriott Austin is colossal. It’s gorgeous. It’s swanky. And when you’re throwing down that kind of coin for a night in a hotel, everybody on Instagram is gonna need to know.

The level of respect for Franklin Barbecue is so high that even after waiting in line for hours, hungry guests actually take the time to photograph their food before devouring it.

Topgolf is a three-story golf complex with a restaurant, bar, and 250 HDTVs showing nothing but sports. It’s like bro heaven, you know... without the whole dying part.

Surprisingly, the Frank Erwin Center did not make the list due to it’s sexy, beige, drum-shaped exterior but for the countless touring musicians who grace us with their talent. And pyrotechnics.

Lady Bird Lake is undeniably beautiful, and we applaud the handful of outdoorsy types we can live vicariously through -- as we watch safely from the bridge.

Mohawk is probably our best music venue, with multiple levels to view from and a great booking crew. The taxidermied brown bear near the bar often serves as a popular prop.

Staring-out-from-the-top-of-Mt. Bonnell pics are the basic bitches of Austin Instagram. Staring out while wearing a tiger onesie... the new standard.

Zilker Park is always beautiful, but during the holidays, Zilker Park is lit up like a damn winter wonderland. This brings out the creative photographer in all of us.

From Comic Con to SXSW and all types of gatherings in between, Austin Convention Center is a bustling epicenter of activity.

Where else can you watch your favorite top acts perform and eat the same BBQ that President Obama ate on his visit to Austin?

There is a large community of people in Austin who enjoy watching the UT Longhorns play football. They also may or may not bleed orange.

Barton Springs is a spring fed pool which remains about the same temperature all year long; it’s also where attractive people go to soak up rays on it’s grassy knolls -- making it an IG hotspot.

An abandoned development project became the go to canvas for graffiti artists and muralists before being officially declared an outdoor gallery in 2011. HOPE also serves as a colorful backdrop for pics of your bae and bestie.

This is where Texas’ (sometimes questionable) laws are passed. It’s also where tourists go to pose with statues and Segway like bosses.

Over 50,000 students attend the University of Texas. Young people are the most active social media users. This is a no brainer.

ACL is part music festival, part fashion show, and part food court. It also costs a pretty penny, so you’ll want to document as much as possible so everyone who follows you knows just how much fun you’re having.

Love it or hate it, 6th St is a booze-soaked, pizza-scented rite of passage and, well... Austin just wouldn’t be Austin without it.

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Anastacia Uriegas is an Austin writer, who now aims to take a selfie at each of these locations. FOllow her at @AnaUrie.