The Best Recreational Weed Dispensaries in and Around Boston

Stock up on flower, tinctures, edibles, pre-rolls, CBD balms, and more at these cannabis specialists.

What a difference a couple of years makes. Where once we had to travel far afield to hit up an adult-use dispensary, Greater Boston is now awash in new choices weed shops, including many national chains. But we’re still most enamored by all the locally grown businesses in and around the city and the social missions that many of them are driven by.

With so many new weed shops to choose from, there's no better time to get out there and meet the city's newest budtenders. From shops that focus on edibles to places to get flower or pre-rolls, here are the best weed dispensaries in Boston and the surrounding area.

CEO Brian Chavez is one of the only social equity applicants in the country to obtain licenses for three stores—and in fact, two of the three planned outlets are former bodegas owned by his family. Chavez’s first store in Dorchester features products from partner C3 Industries, particularly​​ flower, prerolls, concentrates and vape cartridges from Cloud Cover, grown right in Franklin. Two new stores are slated to open soon in Roxbury and Roslindale.



Folks love the budtenders here for their friendliness and patience as they walk you through every possible product to fit your wants and needs. And the product is extensive: coveted flower strains, a wide variety of carts, and tons of pre-rolls. They even sell an infused ramen seasoning, which makes for a pretty fantastic late-night snack.

Bud's Goods & Provisions 

Worcester & Abington

You have to love dispensaries that have decorative themes. The two outlets of Bud’s Goods are designed as a throwback diner (Worcester) and a movie theater (Abington)—but there’s nothing nostalgic about the products, which includes Lil’ Buds, one of the state’s first white-label offerings (i.e. more affordable). And look for the Watertown location coming soon, design scheme TBD.


Jamaica Plain

It’s criminal that Jamaica Plain hasn’t had an adult-use dispensary sooner, but Seed was well worth the wait. The selection of flowers and pre-rolls is substantive; especially impressive are the collections of tinctures and edibles. But here’s what brings it home: The Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum housed inside, which explores the consequences of the war on drugs and the country’s cannabis laws, especially their disproportionate impacts on communities of color.



Befitting its name, Ethos is more than an everyday dispensary; instead, it is committed to empowering its customers through transparency and knowledge, with the overarching goal of helping every visitor feel better, whether for health purposes or for fun. We’re especially impressed by the vast amount of edibles, including many a seltzer, but the infused seasoned salt would shake up our kitchen entirely.

Pure Oasis


Boston’s first recreational cannabis dispensary—and in fact, the first recreational shop to open in a major East Coast city—has overcome more than its share of hurdles. And yet, the Black-owned Pure Oasis has barely skipped a beat, maintaining a tremendous track record selling flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles like chocolates and fruit chews. It owes its success in part to its exemplary customer service, which is both friendly and education-oriented. Keep an eye out soon for its second outlet in Allston.

NETA Brookline is housed inside a beautiful converted bank, all high ceilings and ornate dark wood—the only difference being that the “tellers” traffic in the doob. The menu is comparable to its Northampton counterpart, though its enduring popularity sometimes means the product runs out more quickly. Bonus points go to the staff for their friendly but no-nonsense attitude (not every dispensary customer seeks a woo-woo experience).
How to visit: You can place your order online ahead of time (walk-ins are not allowed). Those with a medical card who live within seven miles of the facility can also order delivery.


Multiple locations

Of course you want your weed to be organic. At least, you do if you’ve made your way to Sanctuary, which prides itself on the high-quality cultivation of its products. It sells a variety of flower and pre-rolls, plus vape cartridges and a dash of concentrates. Among the enticing roster of edibles are watermelon fruit chews and grape lozenges.
How to visit: Schedule an appointment online

Berkshire Roots

Multiple locations

Pittsfield stands proudly as the highest town in Massachusetts, given it boasts two different recreational dispensaries when most Massachusetts towns can’t even claim one (Temescal Wellness is the other). Berkshire Roots happens to showcase the largest growing operation in Western Mass, as evidenced by robust flower selection. They also have pre-rolls and a strong lineup of concentrates as well as gummies, chocolates, and four different tinctures all made in-house. All that plus the space is so calming and modern you’ll feel like you’ve walked into an REI (but better).

Northeast Alternatives (NEA) has a poignant back story. At age 19, founder Chris Harkins witnessed the deep suffering his mom experienced from the cancer that would eventually take her life. When his dad was diagnosed with cancer years later, Harkins sought alternative treatments to alleviate pain and learned more about the efficacy of cannabis. Today, his Fall River brainchild sells flower, pre-rolls, concentrate, edibles, and vape cartridges.

Theory Wellness

Multiple locations

If “seed to sale” is the new “farm to table,” Theory is a trailblazer. Its small batch product is grown right in Bridgewater, resulting in a good variety of flower with two sizes of pre-rolls plus cartridges, Pax pods, and concentrates. The shops also feature plenty of edibles, tinctures, and a muscle lotion that won’t get you high but will definitely ease any lingering tension.


Multiple locations

In addition to the standard lineup of flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and concentrates, INSA also offers the Dart Pod, CCell’s vape system that’s lighter and boasts more vapor production than run-of-the-mill cartridges. Most intriguing of all are the body lotions, guaranteed to give you the most relaxing self-care session ever.


Multiple locations

What once was known as Cultivate is now Sunnyside, but the three stores still hold firm to the shop’s “seed to table” governing philosophy. The lineup of flower, pre-rolls, wax, and vape cartridges is impressive, but how intriguing is that infused olive oil? And you can never go wrong with cannabis-spiked chocolate chip cookies.

Meaghan Agnew is a Boston-based contributor to Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.