Boston's Most Beautiful Photos of 2016

Say what you will about 2016 (and how glad you might be to see it gone) but there were certainly some great memories and moments that were captured all over our town. From the harbor through the streets, Boston looked great all year long. Even mass transit and congested traffic had their moments to shine thanks to some of our very best professional and amateur photographers. So before we jump headlong into 2017 (and start pondering that Big Papi comeback) let’s take a look back at some of our city’s finest photos of the year.


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We may only get four days of spring, but we make the most of it in Boston Gardens.


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In this city, we usually look towards the ocean. Turn around sometime and enjoy a sunset over the Prudential.

Warp speed on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

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The Boston Marathon is as popular as ever -- but we will never forget 2013.

The Zakim Bridge from above, with that water not looking dirty at all.

Look up! Boston is full of surprises like this Fort Point architecture.

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Boston is a city on a hill... but this shot looking from the river up to the State House is a gorgeous reminder.

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This is either Boston looking extremely cool, or a still from the movie Chinatown. Either way, we’ll take it.

Boston Harbor from above, with boats like gulls (except with less sandwich-stealing).


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When Orlando suffered, we showed them #BostonStrong doesn’t stop at the city limits.

Boston, Gotham, whatever.

Center of the (quickly moving) universe.


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Has dancing in the streets ever looked so good?

Remember summer? Summer was nice. Oh, summer. Sigh.

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Pretty sure this doesn’t need a caption. #bigpapiweloveyou

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Funny how the Green Line can run on 6in of leaves but literally not even half an inch of snow.

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The ICA: Go for the architecture, stay for the art.

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Could Boston BE any prettier? No. Even in the snow, the answer is no.

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