How Louis Sullivan Became the Godfather of Chicago Architecture

Published On 08/05/2016 Published On 08/05/2016
Auditorium Building
Auditorium Building | Nagel Photography / Shutterstock
Louis Sullivan | Wikimedia
Brattle Square Church, Boston | Flickr/Stephen M. Scott
Jeweler’s Building, Chicago | Wikimedia/Harold Allen
Auditorium Building, Chicago | Flickr/Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar
Charnley House, Chicago | Wikimedia/Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, ILL,16-CHIG.12-4
Getty Tomb, Chicago | Flickr/Eric Allix Rogers
Wainwright Building, St. Louis | Brian S/Shutterstock
Carson Pirie Scott Building, Chicago | Flickr/Terence Faircloth
Transportation Building, Chicago | Flickr/Chicago Crime Scenes
Gage Building, Chicago | Flickr/teemu008 (edited)
Carson Pirie Scott Building | Flickr/Scott F
Krause Music Store, Chicago | Wikimedia/J Crocker