Everything You Should Be Doing Outdoors in Chicago This Summer

Published On 05/30/2016 Published On 05/30/2016

The rest of Chicago's calendar year is essentially preseason for summer drinking. That means it's time to squeeze the most mileage out of your sandals and sundresses as humanly possible. To help you crush those summer goals, here are all the outdoor restaurants, drinking spots, and events you need to experience in the next three months.

The J. Parker

Rooftops are meant for summer drinking

There are occasions when terrestrial barhopping simply just won't do, which is when you head to these 17 elite-level rooftop drinking spots.

Courtesy of Moody's Pub

Patios and beer gardens are also meant for summer drinking

On top of having a great selection of rooftop bars, Chicago's flat landscape is thankfully peppered with backyard patios and beer gardens worthy of exploration.

Courtesy of Bridge House Tavern

And for good measure, get some waterfront drinking done too

Just because we're not a fancy ocean beach town doesn't mean we can't act like one.

Flickr/Karma Surf Retreat

Get to know all the beach activities your summer needs

Speaking of the waterfront, be sure to make the most out of beauteous Lake Michigan. The lakefront grants opportunities for fishing, paddleboarding, fire juggling(?!), and more.

Courtesy of I/O

Brunch outdoors with a gorgeous view

You thought rooftops were meant for drinking? Well... they are. But also, there are amazing brunch specials on offer at many of the aforementioned skyline bars.

Courtesy of SoHo House Chicago

Learn how to sneak into Chicago's best hotel pools

We're not condoning the act of slipping into a really nice hotel pool. But we're not not condoning it either.


Jam outdoors like your life depends on it

So little time, so many shows to hit. If you haven't been out to Ravinia, you ought to rectify that.


Get to boozing while cruising

Ahhh, the assortment of booze cruises in Chicago. The only thing better than drinking on a boat is drinking on a boat without ever having to worry about running out of alcohol.

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