Read, Shop, and Game at These Dallas Comic Book Stores

Flip through the latest graphic novels or bulk up your Magic: The Gathering deck at local shops where you can let your superhero cape fly.

Boomerang Comics in Lewisville, Texas is a full immersion into the superhero fan world. | Photo by John Hays for Thrillist
Boomerang Comics in Lewisville, Texas is a full immersion into the superhero fan world. | Photo by John Hays for Thrillist

Comic shops are like malls: It seems like they’re slowly dying out, but, against the odds, they find ways to endure. These spaces serve as a cultural hangout where comics readers buy the latest issues, find back issues, play games, and have deep discussions with the staff about plotlines or ultimate superhero debates. The Dallas area has a mix of large and small, old and new comic stores. Some have a storied history and a regular presence at local conventions, others are newer but just as happy to help any customer find just what they want.

Without further ado, a list of Dallas comic book stores where you can grab your favorite comic and get lost in the lore.

Dallas; Garland
Keith’s Comics, open since 1989, has three locations around the Dallas area, each with its own culture. The Mockingbird location not only features the regular comic shop features—new issues, back issues, a pull option—but it also has a television constantly showing cartoons, a large toy section, and anime/manga. They also have an area where customers can grab storyline bundles, which is great if you ever said to yourself, I always wanted to read that storyline, but didn’t want to hunt down every issue. The other locations are smaller and have more standard offerings.

1334 Inwood Rd, Dallas
Zeus Comics opened in 2000 as not only a great spot to grab comics, but as a welcoming safe community for people from every walk of life. As one of the premiere shops in Dallas, they often host popular comic writers and artists for autograph and sketch sessions, and through the years have done whatever they could to entertain and enlighten people, including at one time hosting a YouTube web series, The Variants. The store offers comics, action figures and statues, manga, but no games (there’s an unaffiliated game store next door).

3128 Forest Ln #250, Dallas
Titan Comics debuted in 1991 and today is one of Dallas’s oldest and, at 4800 square feet, largest comic book stores. Make no mistake, this is a comic book store. Sure, they sell some Funko Pops and statues, but they are focused on comics, much to the appreciation of their audience. If you want to get your new comics for the week or want to find an issue from 50 years ago, they will most likely have it. The selection of old comics is unmatched in the area at over 150,000 issues.

Boomerang Comics | Photo by John Hays for Thrillist

500 E Round Grove Rd Suite #313, Lewisville
Stepping into Boomerang Comics is a full immersion into the superhero fan world. As soon as you enter, there’s a case of statues and figures to admire, followed by a huge wall full of recent comics from all the major brands, with the week’s new issues just past those near the gaming tables. Founded in 2008 with ownership change in 2021, Boomerang offers pull subscriptions to quickly grab your regular series new issues. The gaming section offers Star Wars X-Wing on Wednesdays, Magic: The Gathering on Fridays, open seating for any gaming on Saturdays, and RPG group on Sundays.

3000 Custer Rd #310, Plano
Madness Games & Comics is much more about games than it is about comics. In fact, it’s more about games, action figures, T-shirts, posters, and other things than it is about comics. However, even if you’re purely a comic book fan, it’s definitely worth a visit. It’s a huge store with more Funko Pop figures than I’ve ever seen in my life, ranging from superheroes to McDonald’s characters. As far gaming, there’s a very large loud area in the back, complete with a digital timer clock for timed gaming. It’s where the real energy of the store lies. Along the far left wall are new comics, and the next 2 rows have collected graphic novels.

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John Hays is a Thrillist contributor.