While you’re not exactly rich -- unless you’re Mark Cuban (wait, Mark, are you reading this? Can we be on Shark Tank?), that doesn’t mean you should be confined to your couch because you’re low on funds for food, entertainment, or (gasp) beer. Here’s how to tour around Dallas on the cheap, with itineraries for all levels of meagerness.

Dallas Farmers Market | Flickr/DiAnn L'Roy


Go 'sample crazy' at the Dallas Farmers Market

Fill up on local delights and take home some fresh-off-the-truck fruits and veggies in one stop.

Take a theater workshop at Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Unleash the Tony winner that lives deep inside of you at this non-profit arts center.

Make new four-legged friends at White Rock Dog Park's doggie beach

The owners aren’t too shabby themselves, so kill two birds with one stone.

Recreate Logan’s Run at the Fort Worth Water Gardens

Don’t worry, they don’t care about your age in real life.

Get handsy at the Flatt Hand Collection at Baylor Medical Center

One of the most bizarre and interesting artifacts that the city has to offer, and it’s free!

Flickr/Travis Isaacs


Put that student discount to good use at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum

Student admission to this internationally renowned modern art collection is under $5, and just $10 for non-students.

See the horses run at Lone Star Park 

Five bucks to get in, but if you want to play for the big money you’ll need to bring a little more.

Get happy at Parliament

Some of the best drinks in all of Dallas for under $5, that’s a no brainer.

Hit up Katy Trail

Bike, walk, or jog Katy Trail. It’s a great way to get outdoors, and there are some excellent stops you can make along the way.

Steel City Pops

Grab a popsicle and cruise around Lower Greenville

Fruity or creamy, doesn’t matter, just pick your favorite, and then take in the scene at Lower Greenville.

Become one with nature at the Cedar Ridge Preserve

Because Dallas isn’t all concrete and cocktails.

Get a half-price burger at Lee Harvey’s on Tuesday

When the world offers you an amazing burger for a few bucks, you grab your wallet, pay the world, and say thank you.

See a show at Good Records

Free music and great people, what else do you need?

Dude Sweet Chocolate

Eat some chocolate and give yourself a self-guided Bishop Arts tour

A truffle and a tour sound like a nice combination.

Have a local craft beer at LUCK and take in the view of the bridge and Downtown

Grab a pint and enjoy the view from the patio at LUCK.

Sample one or two of our amazing street tacos

Tacos, usually clocking in around $1.50-$2, are pretty affordable from one of our many spots. Whether it’s Fuel City, Taqueria El Si Hay, El Come Taco, or Cesar’s Tacos, there’s no way to do it wrong.

Nasher Sculpture Center | Flickr/jwbreede


Hang out with inanimate objects at the Nasher Sculpture Center

Sometimes you just need to listen to the silence and lock into your artsy side.

Get the full Dr. Pepper package deal at Frisco Rough Riders games

You and three of your friends can get a ticket to a game, a Dr Pepper, and a hot dog for $11 each, so what’s stopping you?

Get nostalgic with all-you-can-play old-school arcade games at Free Play Arcade

$10 gets you all the Galaga, Mortal Kombat, and Ms. Pac-Man your little heart and thumbs desire

Be one with the Bard in the backyard of The Wild Detectives

Shakespeare in the Bar sells out super-fast each time, so get connected with The Wild Detectives to call dibs on your $7 tickets.

Get nostalgic and lace up your roller skates at White Rock Skate Center

Everyone wants to feel like a kid again from time to time. Here’s your chance to make that happen.

Courtesy of Deep Ellum Brewery

Drink beer, tour a brewery

There is no shortage of great local beer in DFW, and pretty much all of it can be enjoyed for $10 or less. The hardest question will not be whether to tour a brewery, but rather, which one?

Time-travel back to the 19th century at Heritage Village

For only nine modern dollars, you can visit a village complete with costumed actors and time period-appropriate buildings from the 19th century.

Get your whiskey on at Tate’s on Wednesdays

Just like Madonna, half-price whiskey needs no real introduction.

Get out of the big city for a day at Loyd Park at Joe Pool Lake

We all need to get away sometimes and enjoy the great outdoors. This is a nice escape without having to venture too far out of the confines of the city.

Speedzone Dallas

Step back in time at the Coyote Drive-In theater

An old idea, but an entirely new thing to our generation, drive-ins are making a comeback, and it’s a whole new way to experience a movie.

Pretend you’re a kid again at SpeedZone

Everyone likes to go fast, Ricky Bobby even said so, so make sure to check out SpeedZone and let out your inner race car driver.

See a movie at the Texas Theatre

A must visit for history buffs, Lee Harvey Oswald once sat in the seats, and it's still eerie.

Galleria Dallas

Swim at the FOE pool 

Sort of a Dallas resident checklist item, swimming at the FOE pool is a must-do at least once while you’re living in the city.

Ice skating, so hot right now

Even without wintry weather, you can ice skate at the Galleria. It makes for a great escape from the heat when it’s 105 degrees out, as well.

Dallas Comedy House | Jason Hensel


Get an ab workout at a comedy show

Dallas has no shortage of comedy clubs, and you can get your laughs at many of them on the cheap. Make sure to check out Hyena’s, Addison Improv, and Dallas Comedy House.

Go Dallas at Southfork Ranch

It’s not really how Dallas was or is, but it’s a weird little piece of Dallas history. If nothing else, it’s a nice quirky way to spend a few hours.

Courtesy of Billy Bob's

Two-step at Billy Bob’s

There’s a dance called the Texas two-step, so it’s sort of a must. Plus, Billy Bob’s is iconic, so if you’re going to two-step, it might as well be there.

Get on the water at White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake is nice to look at, but it’s even better when you're in it. Rent a kayak and see it from a different point of view.

Topgolf (Dallas)


Get everything you need to recover from a Saturday night with Anvil Pub’s “F**k Brunch”

A Bloody Mary (or mimosa) served in a Mason jar garnished with everything from a slider to a fruit salad to tater tots for $20.  It will cure what ails you.


Topgolf is popping up all over the country and for good reason. It’s a lot of fun, and for $20 you can post up on a bay for an hour, though your wait might be a LOT longer than that.

Find a stylish piece of history at Benny Jack Antiques

For $20, you can find well-preserved treasures from yesteryear at the new East Dallas collector’s hotspot.

Flickr/Edsel Little

All-you-can-eat BBQ at Hutchins

Eating great BBQ is a good thing -- getting UNLIMITED BBQ is even better. This is some of the best BBQ around and the only one where you can eat until you hate yourself.

See a show at Granada Theater

Are all shows under $20? Unfortunately not. But there are a lot that fall into that category, and it’s a fun venue that showcases a lot of local and national talent.

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower | Flickr/jpellgen

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

Clichéd, maybe? However, it’s an amazing view and something everyone should partake in at least once.

The Sixth Floor Museum

“You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” It’s not a proud moment in Dallas history, but it is part of our story nonetheless.

Perot Museum

Eat at the Klyde Warren food trucks

You can get your food and then all the activities are free. You can use the putting green, play ping pong, read a book; it’s up to you, but it makes for a great day in Dallas.

Perot Museum

Loved by kids and adults alike, the Perot Museum is a utopia of coolness and has something interesting around every corner.

AT&T Stadium

Give Jerry Jones more money and tour AT&T Stadium

Guys, his net worth is slipping; he needs us! Right... just kidding about that, but the stadium is really impressive, and you get to see the locker rooms, go on the field, and hear all of the crazy stats about the stadium.

Have your personal Shark Week at the Dallas World Aquarium

Our culture is obsessed with fish and sharks. They get their own week on TV. So, why not see the real deal? It’s not as comfortable as your couch, but it’s way better than your HD TV.

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