The Deep Ellum Scavenger Hunt: Find Everything That Makes the 'Hood Unique

Beyond great concerts, killer bars and restaurants, and a booming nightlife scene, there are a few things you can always count on finding when you visit Deep Ellum. In fact, make it fun and turn it into a game (OK, so we did it for you, JUST PLAY ALONG). Split your group into teams and earn points with each of these sightings.

Have a bearded bartender muddle something - 5 points

You’ve seen it. They’re crushing basil with a hand-carved wooden muddler before they light an orange peel on fire with a Zippo once owned by Larry Hagman. Hopefully, they’re not super pretentious enough to run through their mixology bonafides. Bonus points for extra height if the bartender is Twilite Lounge’s Andrew Thompson.

Witness someone figuring out how to eat a Serious Pizza slice - 3 points

Listen, we all get the the drinking hungries. And pizza is scientifically proven to be the best cure. And more pizza is better than less pizza. But one slice of Serious Pizza is approximately the size of a California King mattress. Eating one is awesome, watching other people eat one is hilarious.

Sing a song while Bob plays his keyboard - 8 points

Deep Ellum fixture Bob is pretty easy to identify. He’s an older gentleman who usually has a pretty unique ensemble on, is almost always smiling and has almost never been seen without his trusty battery-powered keyboard. He doesn’t take special requests, so instead join him in a sing-along of one of his improvised original tunes. If you don’t know the words, just clap along.

Happen upon Leon Bridges busking on the corner - 50 points

Grammy nominated local boy done very, very good, Leon Bridges is the hometown hero that everyone loves. It’s not every day that he’s got a night off and decides to spend it playing some tunes on the street corners of Deep Ellum. But it’s been known to happen to keep your head on a swivel.

Stand in line for a bacon grilled cheese donut at Glazed at midnight - 10 points

You can either start out your day by picking up some of Glazed Donut Works’ one-of-kind creations at their Deep Ellum location on your way into downtown. Or, if you’re playing this scavenger hunt, you can have some drinks and stand in line for things like a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and cheese in the middle and a glazed donut as the bread. Defibrillators cost extra.

Spot a Ticket on-air personality on the back patio late night at Twilite Lounge - 2 points

Considering that the Twilite Lounge is owned by longtime Ticket host Danny Balis, the crew of the beloved Dallas sports station use the Twilite Lounge as a sort of home away from home. This in turn means that they tend to draw a flock of fanboys and well-meaning catchphrase shouters. If you ever wanted to yell things you hear on the radio out loud at the person that says them, this is the chance to go live out your dream.

Find someone with a “13” tattoo - 0.00000002 points

Ever since Elm Street Tattoo’s Oliver Pecker (of “Ink Master” reality show fame) began his quest to set a world record for most tattoos done in a day, the fact that a simple 13 tattoo would cost as many dollars and would vault you into a world record book means that it’s actually harder to find anyone in Deep Ellum who doesn’t have one.

Catch Gavin Mulloy and Scott Beggs in an escalating series of challenges - 15 points

Probably the undisputed kings of Deep Ellum, Gavin Mulloy of The Bomb Factory and Scott Beggs of Three Links are always up to something.  Whether it’s a Tecmo Bowl game, a sports trash-talking competition or a race to book the best and coolest shows, their friendly rivalry not only provides hours of social media entertainment, it is also a win/win for everyone who is a fan of Deep Ellum.

Stand in line for BBQ at Pecan Lodge - 1 point

It used to be that great BBQ was the great Texas tradition. Now standing in line for that BBQ is the great tradition thanks to places like Franklin in Austin. Pecan Lodge’s lines were once epic. They are now manageable, but don’t worry, they still sell out so you can still earn your standing in line for meat merit badge.

Get a parking spot in the lot between Anvil Pub and Deep Sushi - 10,000 Points

It costs a smooth $5 for an entire night, your car won’t get hit, you’re right there in the middle of everything, you’re protected from the wind on cold nights. This is the Holy Grail of parking spots, and it goes quickly. In fact, if you get a spot here, give up on the scavenger hunt and quit your job and give up your worldly possessions and just live out of your car in that spot from now on. It’s worth it. You win.

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Amanda Cobra earned her Deep Ellum points the old fashioned way by sitting at Cafe Brazil underage drinking lots of coffee and waiting for her mom to come pick her up after concerts let out.