The Ultimate Wellness Guide to Dallas-Fort Worth

Transform your mind, body, and soul in 2024.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Photo courtesy of Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Photo courtesy of Hiatus Spa + Retreat

If you resolved to be a “better you” in 2024—like millions of people across the globe—chances are you plan to make wellness a huge part of achieving that goal. For many, the journey starts and ends with joining a gym (or recommitting to a certain number of workouts per week for the one you already belong to). But the concept of wellness covers far more than lifting heavier weights or shaving a few minutes off your 13-mile treadmill run. Wellness, you see, lies in the soul of the beholder as equally as its measurable physical manifestations. What makes you feel happy, healthy, and more relaxed or energized? That’s really all that matters.

If a therapeutic massage or rejuvenating facial brings you joy, go for it. If meditation brings you peace, we’ll help you find your zen. And if alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, and cold plunges allow you to achieve your best, more power to you. Plenty of big, national wellness brands exist to fill every one of these needs, but we’ve chosen to focus on local businesses, as well as smaller chains that got their start in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’ve rounded up 25 places (including gyms, med spas, yoga studios, juice bars, and massage therapists), each ready to get you on the road to wellness in no time.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medical Center
Photo by tekinturkdogan/Getty Images

What you’re here for: Natural treatments for physical and mental conditions
Dr. Carlos Chapa has been practicing Eastern and naturopathic medicine to help people with a variety of conditions since 2009. Addictions, depression, pain, seasonal allergies, and acne represent a mere handful of problems for which patients come to AIMC seeking relief. Through an approach of Treating the person, not the disease, Chapa and his team create a comprehensive care plan designed to achieve optimum results.

Aroga Cold Therapy
Photo courtesy of Aroga Cold Therapy

What you’re here for: Chilling out to the extreme
How low can you go? While that question’s usually reserved for limbo contests, at Aroga it refers to the water temperature of your plunge tub, which will be set somewhere between 43 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit. A cold plunge purports to accelerate recovery, boost alertness and vitality, burn calories, increase metabolism, alleviate inflammation, and improve sleep—all from a three-10 minute soak. Clients enjoy cold water plunges in private luxury suites, which can come in handy if you’re prone to screaming when certain parts get cold.

Blue Feather Aerial Yoga & Fitness
Photo courtesy of Blue Feather Aerial Yoga & Fitness

What you’re here for: Living out Cirque du Soleil dreams
Aim for new heights! Whether you’re a beginner or skilled at aerial endeavors, Blue Feather and its stretchy hammocks await. You’ll spend time stretching, paying attention to your breath, hanging upside-down, and ending each class in a cozy cocoon for a fitness experience that’s as soul-nurturing as it is physically beneficial.

What you’re here for: Several moments of Zen
The fundamentals of the importance of breathing techniques lie at the core of this studio’s offerings. Classes include Meditation with Reiki, Restorative Stretch, Sound Bath, Chakra Clearing, Metta Meditation, and Mindfulness among its long list of options geared toward overall wellbeing. Crystal bed therapy, Thai massage, life coaching, and vibrational sound therapy can also be booked, along with a host of other services with their own unique benefits.

Class Studios

West Village & Preston Center

What you’re here for: Workin’ up a sweat, big time
Class Studios challenges its members to achieve impressive results through four key workout programs. In Cycle, hop on a bike and let the music help you push the boundaries of your own fitness. Train features circuit-style training that alternates between cardio and strength. Tread turns the ubiquitous treadmill into a full-body workout machine. And Sculpt utilizes dynamic muscle targeting with light weights and high reps to build stamina and increase flexibility.



Various locations

What you’re here for: Hanging with the cool kids
A 10-minute cryo facial can work wonders toward reducing inflammation and producing brighter, tighter skin. This targeted approach continues to grow in popularity, likely because it can be more tolerable for people averse to their full-body cryo experience. Cryo1one also offers IV therapy by appointment for hydration, hangover relief, and immune support, as well as vitamin shots to boost energy and metabolism.

Dallas Rowing Club
Photo courtesy of Dallas Rowing Club

Dallas Rowing Club

Bachman Lake

What you’re here for: Cardio with a view
Get plenty of fresh air while working those lungs and arms while rowing at Bachman Lake. Dallas Rowing Club offers adult rowing classes, as well as Masters Memberships that give 24/7 access to the indoor gym and boathouse, so you can row on your own schedule.

DFW Surf

DFW Surf

Grapevine Lake

What you’re here for: Hanging ten like you’re in Hawaii
Activate your core and get a nice cool-down in warmer months with an intense but fun wake surfing session. Enroll in private lessons if you’re new to the sport or book a semi-private surf session to catch the biggest waves in DFW and make some new friends along the way. Also available: Wake foiling, wing foiling, standup paddleboarding, and yoga classes.

Ding Ding Boxing
Photo courtesy of Ding Ding Boxing

Ding Ding Boxing

Old East Dallas

What you’re here for: The Rocky theme playing in your head
The group fitness classes here incorporate three rounds of boxing with strength and core exercises between rounds. Choose from multiple times throughout the day (Mondays and Wednesdays typically have the most options) and work a whole new set of muscles in this full-body workout.

Dyno-Rock Indoor Climbing Center
Photo courtesy of Dyno-Rock Indoor Climbing Center

What you’re here for: Rock climbing and rock-n-roll
Join a Climbing 101 class or book a one-hour private lesson to truly hone your skills at getting vertical. Yoga, core classes, HIIT, and aerial silks classes help you round out your fitness routine and target every muscle imaginable.

Float Coppell

What you’re here for: The chance to relax to the max
Turn your mind off for an hour-90 minutes as you experience an anti-gravity situation that can lead to reduced pain or simply an advanced state of tranquility and relaxation. Make it a date night with a couple’s session or get adventurous with a cold plunge, among several other available services.

GSG Skin & Body LLC

Bishop Arts District

What you’re here for: A Fountain of Youth-worthy glow-up
This woman-owned day spa provides its devoted customers a plethora of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, including zombie facials, face and neck skin tightening, waxing, detox sauna blankets, and cellulite reduction. They also offer a boutique with a variety of products for hair, face, and body.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Photo courtesy of Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

Various locations

What you’re here for: Rejuvenating rubdowns
This mini-chain got its start in Dallas and now has eight locations across Texas thanks to a well-rounded menu of services combined with seasonal offerings that often include a post-treatment cocktail. Massages (including couples options), facials, mani-pedis, and med-spa services including injectables, peels, and microneedling.

What you’re here for: Sweatin’ and stretchin’
You’re only 26 postures and two breathing exercises away from total body fitness. Hot yoga classes start with 60-minute options up to 90 minutes. Or embark on two hours of Bikram bliss with the 84-posture Ghosh Series. Purchase single-class passes, multi-class packages, or unlimited memberships.

Kiva Pilates
Photo courtesy of Kiva Pilates

Kiva Pilates

Highland Park

What you’re here for: Gentle yet challenging movements
Developed by Joseph Pilates (longtime BFF of Suzanna Yoga), Classical Pilates got its start in the early 20th century and the practice has numerous modern interpretations. But Kiva Pilates focuses on the tried-and-true principles and repertoire of Mr. Pilates with a beneficial mix of movements that strengthen the core, improve flexibility, and enhance your overall body awareness.

Luxury On Lovers

What you’re here for: Pampering near the Park Cities
Owner Lisa Cobb has a passion for helping her clients look their best and together with a team of experts, her boutique med spa offers a long list of luxuries for skin and body. Facials, peels, teeth whitening, injectables, fillers, laser treatments, tanning, waxing, and halotherapy await.

What you’re here for: Muscle relief in 15-minute increments
Now with two locations in Denton (including one on the historic Courthouse Square), this charming spa focuses on massages and only massages. Pop in for a chair massage or indulge in a 90-minute hot stone massage or two-hour full-body rubdown.

Pilates 214
Photo courtesy of Pilates 214

What you’re here for: Reforming your ways
If you’re new to Pilates, this place has you covered thanks to a 30-minute “Basic AF” private lesson (for only $20!). Once you know the essential movements, you’ll be ready to level up to the class that matches your skills (Level 1-3). Keep an eye out on their Insta for Bend & Buzzed options that include cocktails at cool-down.

Photo courtesy of PITFIT


Knox District

What you’re here for: Accountability to the extreme
Leave the excuses behind and turn your fitness journey over to founder Chris Wiese for ultra-intense hour-long HIIT classes. Each day, the focus changes to include upper-body, lower-body, and full-body workouts. The program is designed so that you can go every day Monday-Saturday and exercise every part and piece you’ve got.

Reiki Health and Tranquility
wundervisuals/Getty Images

What you’re here for: Energy balance and deep meditation
Since 1993, Dr. J. Hochburg has been leading people in sessions to receive Reiki energy to take their minds and bodies into deep meditative states. More than 60 hospitals in the U.S. offer Reiki as part of their services, as the practice expands and gains more acceptance for its benefits.

Ritual One
Photo courtesy of Ritual One

Ritual One

Knox District

What you’re here for: Yoga with intensity
Think beyond simple poses and stretches for full-body workouts in a 4,500-square-foot infrared heated studio and patio space. Move with intention during yoga sessions designed to sculpt, tone, and provide light cardio workouts resulting in long, lean muscles and fat reduction.

What you’re here for: Organic remedies and plant-based beauty products
Come for a massage, facial, or waxing. Stay for the apothecary. Each DFW location features a fully stocked apothecary with products for the home and body, including skincare, cosmetics, herbal remedies, and candles.

Stretch Four Life
Fly View Productions

What you’re here for: Flexing your muscles
Stretching can really have a giant impact on your physical fitness and overall well-being, but it’s one of those things that too often gets overlooked. A one-on-one session allows you to get a custom-tailored stretch routine that targets the places you need it most.

Terlingo Cycle

What you’re here for: Spinning right round, baby
Not sure if cycling classes will be your thing? Try a class for only $5 and find out why so many people love this indoor cycling experience. Saddle up and go for a 45-minute ride with the best music from some of the city’s top instructors.

Tribal All Day Cafe

Bishop Arts District

What you’re here for: Nourishment and a sense of community
Tribal All Day Cafe does so much more than make yummy juices. The Chickasaw Nation-owned and operated cafe aims to be a meeting place for the entire community, whether you’re a local Oak Cliffer or seeking a new work-from-home local. They offer healthy, superfood-loaded meals and snacks throughout the day, buzz-inducing coffee beverages, and even cocktails made from those magic cold-pressed juices.

Wesley Wellness Club

Old East Dallas

What you’re here for: An empowering place for women
Young professionals, moms, business owners, retirees and every woman in between have a home at Wesley Wellness Club. The female-forward environment brings together various aspects of health and wellness under one roof, whether it’s exercise classes, restorative modalities, time in the infrared sauna, or gathering socially to fuel the soul.

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