14 Things No Self-Respecting Denverite Would Ever Do

Denver's known for being pretty liberal (legal weed, infinity breweries, people with dreadlocks who love hiking), but there are some things that you just can't get away with in the Mile High. And sure, some rules were meant to be broken, we get it. But unless you want to catch some serious side eye around town, it's best to avoid doing anything on this list. 

Utter the words, "I don't like green chili."

Or the words, "it's better in New Mexico." Colorado green chili has it's own unique style, and we really love it. Whether it's poured over fries, smothering a burrito or just served in a bowl, you won't ever regret learning to appreciate all its forms.

Not see a concert at Red Rocks

If you've lived here for more than a year and still haven't made it to a show at what's considered by many to be the world's best concert venue, you really need to get your priorities straight. 

Be a dog-hater

From shops to breweries and restaurants, it seems like most of Denver is dog-friendly. You better be too. 

Root against the Broncos 

Whether they're Super Bowl bound or not, Denver bleeds orange and blue

Stress about dress codes

If you show up in shorts, a T-shirt, and hiking shoes anywhere in Denver, you'll fit in just fine. At a formal event, maybe go for jeans instead. Mayyyybe. 

Complain about the weather

Snow day? Get out there and play in it! Too cold? Calm down, it'll probably be 65 and sunny tomorrow. Denver's got this ideal climate thing locked down so just enjoy it. 

Go crazy in a dispensary

It's been two years since recreational marijuana was made available in the city and medical dispensaries were all over long before then. It's officially not a big deal at this point. Just be cool, man. Be cool.

Go anywhere without Chapstick & water

Between the lack of humidity and high elevation, these two items are Denver survival essentials. 

Go to Casa Bonita for the food

You've got an out of town guest that just has to see the cliff divers? Fine. Got roped into going to your niece's birthday party? Ok, sure. But seriously, no one is going for the school-cafeteria style eats and weak margs.

Stay below 6,000ft 

The city's got a lot to offer, but if you never venture higher than a mile high, you're seriously missing out. Head for the hills every chance you get. 

Jay walk on Colfax

Especially after dark. Unless you've got a death wish. 

Chug craft beer

Honestly now, who chugs craft beer?! Also are Austin Powers references still cool? Asking for a friend. 

Be a workaholic

Being stuck in an office is totally unappealing when you're surrounded by beautiful places, tons of cheap things to do, and a whole lot of craft beer to drink. So take that "sick" day. You deserve it.

Go tubing in Clear Creek before mid-June

There's nothing better than spending a hot summer day splashing around the river in Golden. Except maybe watching tourists trying to look like they're having a fun time splashing around in the near-frozen runoff early in the season. 

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Molly Martin is a freelance writer in Denver, Colorado who always orders an extra side of green chili. Follow her Mile High adventures @mollydbu on Twitter and Instagram.