The Best Recreational Weed Dispensaries in Denver

Medicine Man
Medicine Man

When it comes to catering to all your cannabis cravings, the Mile High City has endless options. More than 500 recreational dispensaries vying for your green means it can be rough doing the legwork all on your own. But whether you’re a flower aficionado or a total dab snob, you'll be beyond impressed with any of these: the best recreational dispensaries in Denver. Check out their latest deals and current COVID-19 pandemic protocols below, so you can stock up on nugs, edibles, and concentrates as safely as possible, and get back home to enjoy your buzz.  ​​

High Level Health

Cheeseman Park/LoDo/Golden Triangle
Award-winning, exclusive strains and steal-worthy daily deals

This award-winning brand (currently holding an impressive 82 accolades) serves up exceptional flower, concentrates, and vapes. HLH emphasizes the overall wellness and satisfaction of clientele with all-natural growing methods and attention to detail and has its own breeding program, which means exclusive strains. Papa Smurph and Platinum Valley are highly sought after, while the HLH GG#4 (a non-proprietary strain) has gone through significant in-house work and is a popular choice for recreational and medical consumers, alike. When it comes to shopping for out-of-house products, you’ll find Wana, CODA, and Stillwater’s Ripple Dissolvables regularly in stock. Daily deals run the gamut here. Joints are priced $10 for one, $18 for two, and $24 for three, half-ounces are $100 (and you can even break them down into four different eighths), and HLH sugar, shatter, wax, and butter are all $25 per gram or 4 grams for $80. You can also earn 2% back by joining the Passport Program (there is also a separate rewards program in place) as a thanks for your reefer loyalty. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Order online and check the COVID-19 blog post on the HLH website for updates and the latest details. Additionally, strict social distancing practices are in play for in-store shoppers.

Apothecary Farms

Denver’s first concentrate-focused dispensary for dab connoisseurs
This concentrate-driven hot spot serves up exceptional varietals with high-cannabinoid extracts. Specializing in terpene preservation (for all you flavor snobs), Apothecary Farms uses refined extraction techniques, including cryo freezers and climate-controlled transport. You can expect unique and exotic tasting notes from in-house strains like Raspberry Lychee, Tropicana Cookies, Purple Sunset, Gelato Cake, and Crescendo. An advanced lab that follows standard operating procedures ensures consistent, clean product through every extraction batch. For dab enthusiasts looking to keep consumption affordable, there are $15 grams of shatter and wax every day and daily deals on pure, uncut live resin cartridges -- two different strains per day -- for $20, each. If you are seeking flower, fret not; there are about 10 strains on hand at a time sourced from 14er Boulder, Dutch Girl and Indico, and you can cop a $20 eighth on top-shelf buds.

COVID-19 Protocol: Apothecary Farms is offering curbside pickup for all recreational shoppers. The dispensary is following all CDC guidelines to ensure everything is clean and sanitized at all times.

Lucy Sky

Where education comes first, so you know exactly what's right for you

Lucy Sky goes the extra mile for customer experience. The staff aims for lasting bonds between cannabis advisor and consumer, so education is key for this two-outpost brand. Hand-picked, top-shelf flower is available at all times, and notable bud is supplied by Locol Love, Clearwater, and Willie’s Reserve. Consistency is key when it comes to outsourced product lines, and you can find Green Dot Labs, Lazercat, 710 Labs, and Dablogic on a regular basis. Deals are in play every single day of the week, from daily ounces at $150 to 10% off edibles on Mondays and 10% off top-shelf live resin and all other concentrates on Wednesdays. If you’re an early riser, stop in between 8am and 9am to score 15% off. Additionally, Lucy Bucks are up for grabs (get $5 off $30 the following week), so throw a few extra coins in the meter and take your time on this lit shopping spree.

COVID-19 Protocol: Online ordering is encouraged, and curbside pickup is offered for debit card-only transactions. Within the store, no more than two guests can shop at one time, and customers are required to sanitize hands and wear gloves supplied in the lobby (all staff is masked and in gloves). There are sneeze guards up on the registers, and no hand-to-hand transactions permitted. Areas are marked for social distancing and the entire space is sanitized regularly.

L’Eagle Services

Colorado’s first -- and only -- third-party, certified-organic grow, and first Clean Green-certified dispensary
L’Eagle applies sustainable, environmentally friendly practices brand-wide. Unsure which cannabis product is right for you? A passionate, knowledgeable staff ensures you will find exactly what you need. When it comes to flower, L’Eagle’s grow staff features two degreed horticulturists and nearly 40 years of commercial cannabis techniques, which produces buds that are cured properly for 60 days prior to sale. A large selection of 25 to 30 organic flower strains keeps the regulars lining up, from L’Eagle Eagle, with sweet pine and lemon notes and uplifting effects, to the award-winning Austin Hash Plant. With plants that eat better than most people, this 10-year-old company utilizes only the best nutrients available. The ethics carry into L’Eagle’s concentrate creation, as well, where in-house offerings feature the cleanest rosin (using only heat and pressure; no chemicals or solvents) and caviar (featuring Girl Scout Cookies flower, dipped in freshly pressed, 100% solventless rosin, and rolled in freshly sifted kief), which are crafted away from the shop and grow. But don’t let the organic nature fool you; L’Eagle serves up deals for an affordable green smoking experience. Sign up for text message blasts for the skinny on half-price specials, random $10 eighths on a snow day, $15 grams of live resin, and more. On a regular day, you can still snag a $99 ounce and a $16 eighth, and feel great about blazing up in sustainable style.

COVID-19 Protocol: To expedite the experience, place an online order (you can also view up-to-date menus), and your goods will be ready and waiting when you arrive. Note that L’Eagle practices social distancing within the dispensary, and prior to visiting, check the current hours, which are modified at this time.

Denver Kush Club
Denver Kush Club

Denver Kush Club

Five Points
More than your average weed club, with a ton of in-house concentrates

Homegrown bud that leads to concentrates is at the core of this 10-year-old Five Points staple located next door to the famed Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. With a whopping 40 individual flavors of concentrate gracing the rec case, you can find crumble, high-terpene sugar, shatter, live resin, sauce, THC diamonds, and Denver Nuggetz (Kush Concentrates Caviar). Vape enthusiasts can grab oils and distillates in 1-gram cartridges, including beneficial CBD:THC infusions, as well as a wide variety of house-filled Kush Concentrates PAX pods. 

For those who prefer traditional flower, DKC grows up to 25 strains at a time, including signature kush (duh!) buds -- Denver Kush (hybrid) and White Fire OG (indica), in addition to popular strains like Strawberry Cough (sativa) and Grape Ape (indica). Over the course of the past year, DKC has joined forces with several musical acts with large Denver followings to collaborate on signature strains. Check out the Artist of the Month series to try Lettuce Funk, Squabtrain, Karns Kush, Golden Kush, Tahoe Alien OG, and Bio Science. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Place orders online, by phone or curbside, and expect strict social distancing guidelines while inside the shop.

The Herbal Cure
The Herbal Cure

The Herbal Cure

Washington Park
A mom-and-pop shop where newcomers score 25% off first purchases

Known for connoisseur flower and exceptional customer service, art installations aren’t the only component that welcome all to this mom and pop shop, which hosts an on-site grow for aromatherapy. With vapes from Binske, Green Dot Labs, and Aliviar, concentrate selections via Lazercat, 710 Labs, and Viola, and edibles courtesy of Cloud 9, Wana, and Robhots, this full-spectrum operation has a flavor for every indulger to savor. Shelving 100% Herbal Cure herb, customers can expect nothing but consistency and quality from harvest to harvest. Top-selling flowers range from Grape Cola to Frankenberry and Pucker to Papaya Punch. Still haven’t found the Cure? New customers get hooked up with 25% off their first purchases, along with $22 eighths, every day.

COVID-19 Protocol: Log in and order online through Weedmaps, or call ahead and pre-order by phone. Patrons are limited to five in the shop at a time, with a 1:1 budtender:shopper enforcement (no group shopping allowed).



River North (RiNo)
A great place for newbies to learn all about the best buds around

Botanico’s two on-site consultation/shopping rooms provide easy access to knowledgeable budtenders, sans the pressure of a possibly judgy, crowded showroom. With a goal of carrying the best of the best Colorado inventory, Botanico now sources strain selections from 14’er in Boulder and Summit out of Denver. For a real treat, try Coda Signature’s designer truffles or 100-milligram flavorful chocolate bars and gummies, while vapes default to local, quality products, from Ascend’s High-Terpene Extract line to the multi-label, family-run Green Dot Labs. Those looking for a more concentrated high can grab full-plant extraction live resin by the gram from brands like Viola (starting at $30) and 710 Labs (starting at $25) laced with tasty terpenes, and grams of shatter are priced at $16 to $18 regularly. Plus, there are $99 pre-weighed ounces on deck and nearly 20 rotating specials.

COVID-19 Protocol: To shop Botanico products, visit sister location, Pando, located at 777 Canosa Court, where you can order from the glass window in the waiting room. Online ordering is expected to launch by May, and Botanico will reopen its doors in RiNo once surrounding bars and restaurants are back in business.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Concentrate grams by the hundreds -- perhaps the largest inventory in the state

Northern Lights now sources exclusively from third-party growers, so flower fans can expect a more eclectic selection and a wider variety of strains. When it comes to concentrates, consider an array of 20 brands, along with one of the biggest selections of PAX pods in the city. In fact, on any given day, shoppers can find the largest inventory of individual grams of concentrate up for grabs, totaling into the hundreds. Having trouble hashing it out? Visit on Tuesdays and Fridays for deals on both concentrates and cartridges, and sign up (in store) to become a loyalty program member -- begin with 75 points and earn one point per dollar spent on all sales. Cha-ching!  

COVID-19 Protocol: Take advantage of 15% off all online orders through Weedmaps, or place an order by phone (all orders must be picked up in person). The shop caters to one shopper or one group of two at a time, along with keeping 6 feet of distance between budtender and shopper at all times, including ATM access. Enjoy daily deals, along with extended discounts for all loyalty program members right now.

Terrapin Care Station
Terrapin Care Station

Terrapin Care Station

Shop here enough, and you'll score great deals with TerraPoints
Self-grown flower from four cultivation sites is at the core of this multi-location, Boulder-born brand. Not sure which of the 25 to 30 rotating strains to sample? Hand-cured, high-quality buds to bookmark include: Hells OG, Grapefruit Durban, Starkiller, Princess Leia, and Sunset Sherbet. More recently, TCS launched its first small-batch reserve line, dubbed “The Woods,” with THC potency recorded at 30%. TCS’s own Double Bear Premium Concentrates line is produced in a state-of-the-art lab, and features wax, sugar and shatter ($19.50 per gram) and live sauce ($39.50 per gram). Convenient five-packs of pre-rolled TerraPins ($23.95) or 1-gram cones ($10) are an affordable way to try award-winning flower. If you’re a fan of this station’s supply, join the TerraPoints program, where you can score a $2 cone just for joining, and reach different point thresholds to unlock more deals.

COVID-19 Protocol: Place an online order prior to visiting for quick pick-up or curbside delivery. In the shop, expect CDC guidelines in place, including social distancing and one shopper inside at a time. All employers are outfitted in masks and gloves, and surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Verde Natural

Park Hill Northeast
Where the greenest ganja grows in recycled soil and is fed a fancy diet

Hand-grown plants cultivated in living, recycled soil contribute to Verde Natural’s unique and vibrant flavor profile. Whether it’s Chemmy Jones, Tropicana Cookies, Roasted Garlic Margy, or Cold Creek Kush, these indoor buds are fed an all-organic diet, and have won awards for both taste and potency. Verde’s smooth aftermath upon inhalation is a product of this mindful harvesting technique. To create concentrates, Verde’s flower is extracted into solventless Dablogic products, like Live SHO, Cake Batter, sap, and cartridges. With four joints for $20, buy 8 grams, pay for 6 on solventless items and BHO live resin, and the strain of the month priced at $25 per eighth, even premium product is available at a lower cost. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Online ordering through Leafly or by phone is encouraged. If you plan to visit, keep in mind that only two people are permitted on the recreational side, while only one patient is permitted on the medical side at a time. Staff members are outfitted in gloves and masks, and the store is disinfected regularly, as is the ATM.

Diego Pellicer
Diego Pellicer

Diego Pellicer

Southwest Denver
An upscale homage to a historical hemp honcho -- with potent percentiles

Stunning interiors featuring Chihuly glass art aren’t the only attractions at this top-notch joint. It’s about the consumer journey at Diego Pellicer, with a strong focus on the shopping experience. Rotating vendors have a chance to share the center display case spotlight, while the inventory offers unique discounts and hard-to-find products. The namesake pays homage to an 1800s hemp entrepreneur, and the quality cannabis stems from two company green, along with outsourced, small-batch, exotic strains from boutique growd, which regularly test with THC levels into the most impressive mid-30 and high-20 percentiles. Highly regarded for potency and well-grown genetics, this upscale outpost carries brag-worthy strains such as Critical Mass, Grape Kush, and Cookie Pie. As far as concentrates, Diego Pellicer offers 7-gram live resin buckets, solventless and freeze-dried concentrates, and CBD isolate. Don’t judge this dispensary by its decor, though -- grab $25 eighths, $9 grams, $87.36 ounces, $15 grams of wax and shatter, and $19.85 grams live resin every day of the week. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Place an online order through Dutchie. Or, if you prefer to shop, note that only four people are permitted at once, and social distancing is required. Budtenders wear gloves and keep their hands and stations sanitized regularly, and masks are worn voluntarily.

Medicine Man

Northeast Denver/Aurora/Thornton/Longmont
Stock up on the dank without breaking the bank

A 40,000-square-foot cultivation facility anchors the operation at this four-branch dispensary. With up to 50 different strains growing at a time, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to indica, sativa, hybrids, and CBD options. When not serving up the in-house flower, Wana gummies fly off the shelves daily. Third-party edibles and concentrates are aplenty at Medicine Man, including selections from Incredibles, Purplebees, NFuzed, Canyon Cultivation, 710 Labs, Harmony Extracts, and Green Dot Labs. There is always a deal at Medicine Man; take advantage of 4/20 pricing throughout April or pop in for Wildcard Wednesdays, where you can spark any deal that suits your needs. 

COVID-19 Protocol: All stores are operating with extreme social distancing practices in place. Sneeze guards and 6-foot separators are located at all point-of-sale areas, throughout all stores. All budtenders wear gloves and sanitize work areas after transactions, and only 10 customers are allowed to shop at a time. Facemasks are encouraged, but not required, and online ordering is strongly encouraged.

The Health Center

University Hills/Uptown/Boulder
Introducing cannabis happy hour, where you can hand-pick your daily deal

The Health Center offers 20 to 30 varieties of award-winning strains. From Durban Poison to Strawberry Nightmare, it’s more than just catchy bud monikers that will get your foot in these doors. Aside from a strong focus on ethical and local grows, along with potency and effectiveness, visitors can take advantage of deals seven days a week. Bookmark buy one, get one half-off edible Saturdays, where The Health Center certainly keeps the traffic flowing. And, for the early-bird stoners that can make it in for “happy hour,” which ensues during the first hour of business each day, you can choose your own deal from the daily roster. 

COVID-19 Protocol: The Health Center has installed air purifiers in all locations, protective shields at every terminal, and hand sanitizing stations for all. The staff members wear gloves and masks at all times, complete ATM sanitization after every transaction and follow hand-washing requirements. Online ordering is encouraged, and transactions are limited to seven minutes. Social distancing is strongly enforced, or patrons risk removal.

Kind Love

A hash paradise with an extremely knowledgeable staff
A self-proclaimed “hash lover’s paradise,” this spacious spot just over the Denver County line carries top-notch, local concentrates. Whether it’s Green Dot Labs, KAMA Extracts, 710 Labs, or Leiffa you seek, the dab- and vape-friendly inventory is vast. With well-informed consults around to advise, learn all about premium, hand-trimmed house flower. Thinking about planting your own nursery? Trust in clean, high-quality clones and seeds with elite genetics, including Louis XIII, I-95, and Hell’s OG. 

COVID-19 Protocol: Kind Love prefers online ordering, followed by in-store payment and pickup. Leading into 4/20, the shop will reopen to patrons, so long as social distancing is followed. Check store hours prior to visiting.

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