Finding the Perfect Canned Cocktail Is Your Last Summer Must-Do

Marissa Dickson/Thrillist. Images courtesy of Loyal 9.

This has been a hectic summer, and it’s starting to wind down. Especially this year, when we’ve crammed two summers’ worth of fun into one, it can feel like you blinked and missed the season. Our advice: make the most of these remaining weeks by packing in those final summer must-do’s like taking a road trip somewhere, seeing old friends, and basking in the sun. While it’s easy to kick back and repost your favorite pics from the previous months, you’ll make a lot more memories by pushing yourself to really enjoy these last few warm-weather moments.

If you truly have checked off everything on your to-do list, then you may be the king (or queen) of carpe diem. In that case, there’s one final recommendation we have for you: find a canned beverage, like Loyal 9’s vodka lemonade, that’ll keep those summer vibes alive well into fall. If you’ve yet to jump on the canned cocktail train, or are just looking for a new option to try, here’s why you shouldn’t let summer end without finding your fave.

No more grabbing cans at random

Sure you could open up a cooler and just grab a drink all willy-nilly (beer, hard seltzer, canned cocktails — whatever’s on top). Well, with the remaining picnics, barbecues, and rooftop parties being limited, why not drink what you really want? Finding a cocktail-in-a-can that stands out, one that’s flavorful without being filling, and that can be enjoyed in any setting can make those final summer events just a little bit better.

They’re great for taste-testing

The canned cocktail world has a lot of variety, so there are endless ways to make a bracket and figure out the winner. For starters, pick options that use real vodka and real lemons (hint, hint.) Then, invite your friends over and see what the best flavors are. If you want to get really scientific, do a double-blind taste test. At the end of the day, everyone will have their own personal preferences, but at least you’ll know they come by them honestly.

Not all cans are created equal

If you're getting tired of hard seltzer, then it’s time to switch your cans. Canned cocktails like Loyal 9 use real vodka, are mixed to perfection and have a 9% ABV. Plus, they've got four killer flavors: lemonade, lemonade and iced tea, mixed berry lemonade, and watermelon lemonade. Basically they’re the ideal accompaniment to those late-summer hangs, whether you’re having a lazy porch day or polishing off the last of that summer fun list.

Canned drinks are for all seasons

You may think it’s too late to find your new works-anywhere drink, but that’s where you’re wrong. Not only are there still a few weeks left to enjoy the dregs of summer (officially ending September 22!), but there are plenty of fall activities to enjoy with a canned cocktail in hand. That means when you’re out pumpkin carving or leaf peeping, you’ll be able to crack a Loyal 9 and toast to a season well spent.