Houston's Most Terrifying Haunted Houses You Need to Go to This Month

Published On 10/06/2017 Published On 10/06/2017
Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses
Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses | Paul White
Screamworld Haunted Houses of Houston


Greater Greenspoint

Price: Tickets start at $17 and go up to $37 if you want to skip the line
Dates: Thursday - Sunday through October 22; October 24 - 31; November 3 - 4. Doors open at 7:30pm Thursday - Sunday and 8pm on Friday and Saturday.
Pay once and get access to five blood-curdling attractions, including a freaky animatronic swamp, a very unsanitary slaughtering house, a seriously creepy hospital and morgue, a dizzying zombie graveyard and vortex tunnel, and an asylum maze packed with evil clowns (which might be an oxymoron).


Brookside Village

Price: GA tickets start at $15, but you can upgrade to skip the line
Dates: Friday - Sunday throughout October, plus extended dates around Halloween. Doors open at 7:30pm.
With six total attractions (three separate and three linked), Phobia has been scaring the crap out of locals since 1996. You’ll tour the Darke hallways stacked with animatronics and terror lurking at every turn. We’re talking psychotic zombies, crazed clowns, horrifying mutants, and all that good stuff nightmares have nightmares about. At Exile, you’ll find three linked attractions: Savage Ground, DarkeWorld, and Contagion. Or get your nightmare fuel at Dawn of the Machine, Genetic Nightmare, or Mind Control. If you have kids 12 or under, they need to be accompanied by a parent.

Nightmare on the Bayou

Sawyer Heights

Price: Tickets start at $22 with options to upgrade and skip the line
Dates: Friday - Saturday through November 4, plus extended dates around Halloween. Doors at 7pm.
In the shadows of the Downtown skyline this bayou-side, 15,000-square-foot haunt sits directly next to Houston’s oldest graveyard (and Party Boy, which makes for super-convenient post-fright Halloween shopping). This year’s extreme fests include the creepy as hell Ghost House and Bayou Cemetery. Know before you go: The scares are intense and the attraction features a strict no-sandals policy. Kids are allowed, but those under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Creepy Hollow Haunted House


Price: $30 (or add $10 extra for speed pass to skip lines)
Dates: Friday and Saturday through November 4, plus extended dates around Halloween. Doors open at 7pm.
Are you afraid of the dark? If so, you’ll absolutely freak at Pitch Black, one of the three creepy attractions at this nightmare factory. The room alternates between debilitating lights and total darkness to harness complete meltdowns. Things don’t get much better in the Dark Woods, where a chainsaw carrying freakshow lurks around; or the 288 Scare Factory, a wayward viral genetic research facility that’s pretty much ground zero for the zombie apocalypse.

Houston Scream Fest

Greater Hobby

Price: $40
Dates: Every Thursday - Sunday in October, plus October 30 and 31. Doors open at 8pm.
More than a haunted house, this fan-favorite bills itself as a haunted festival. Booze, live concerts, screenings of horror flicks, zombie paintball, and carnival games add to the fun, while attractions like the Texas Chainsaw Maze, insane asylum, and haunted graveyard bring the fear factor.

REDRUM Haunted House


Price: $30 with the option to get combo deals or upgrade and skip the line
Dates: Friday - Sunday throughout October, as well as October 31 and November 4. Doors at 7pm.
Dark and creepy asylum in the woods. Check. Classic horror scenes that blur the line between reality and whatever the hell else is going on. Check. Twisted traveling circus complete with psychotic clowns that will assault the senses and basically scare the hell out of you. Yeah... check.

The Kingwood Asylum & Hallowed Grounds


Price: $30 for GA and $50 for VIP. Cash only.
Dates: Friday - Sunday in October, plus extended dates around Halloween and November 3 - 4. Doors at 7pm
Hope you haven’t been procrastinating on your checkups, because the doctor is here to see you now. Sadistic characters lurk in corners and around the diseased woods at this dark and twisted insane asylum, where Dr. Philip Blackman and his barbaric staff await your arrival every October. This year, the outdoor Hallowed Grounds feature brand-new caves and a never before seen interactive prop you’re just gonna have to see for yourself.

Paul White

Houston Terror Dome Haunted House


Price: $20 (or $30 for VIP/faster lines)
Dates: Friday and Saturday through October, plus extended dates around Halloween. Doors open at 8pm.
You know things are about to get real when the haunted house warns you to “bring a change of underwear.” Fresh for 2017 are new rooms, new effects, and new characters in "The Sacrifice" and "Sicko and Freako's 3D Fun House" attractions. Tickets are available at all Spookers Halloween Super Stores. Children under 12 are not recommended.

Hellusions Haunted House

West Houston

Price: Tickets start at $5 (with an option to purchase other tickets to other attractions)
Dates: Weekends in October, and extended weekends through Halloween.
Immerse yourself in horror at this hellacious interactive haunt, where you can make your way through the abandoned Vanished in the Darkness building, with only a backpack and flashlight to help you find your way. You can also attempt to defuse a bomb against the clock; get terrified from a completely immersive virtual reality experience; and see what kind of horrifying stuff ensues when you open a very mysterious door we can’t talk about.

The Haunted Trails


Price: $25 for GA or $35 for the speed pass
Dates: Weekends in October and extended days through Halloween. Doors at 8pm (except on Halloween when they’ll open early at 7:30pm).
Sick of stuffy, claustrophobic haunted houses? The open-air Haunted Trails is for you then. Wander through the creepy trails for hair-raising scenes and likely some loud screams; and for the same price, check out Psycho Hollow, a wicked forest where twisted clowns and psychedelic freaks lurk in the dark behind the corners you least expect.