The 20 Most Instagrammed Places in Houston


What’s your favorite Instagrammable location in Houston? Well, turns out we already know. No, seriously. We crunched the geotagging data to find out exactly where all of Houston is over-hashtagging and fish gaping (that’s the new duck lip, ICYMI) is going on, then we compiled it all into this fancy list. Here are the 20 most Instagrammed spots in the city.


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20. Common Bond

#CarbComa. If you’ve ever eaten at this Pinterest-worthy bake shop, you’ve seen the gaggles of fans snapping shots of fluffy croissants, sugar-dusted kugelhopf, and rainbow macarons before they even find a seat. It’s like the Houston version of You Did Not Eat That.

19. Memorial Park, Houston

Do: show your friends you ran 6 miles. Don’t: show them the Becks Prime burger you smashed afterward.

18. The Breakfast Klub

Crisp fried chicken and fluffy waffles. There’s no better way to evoke Instajealousy.

17. Lakewood Church

Because who wouldn’t take a selfie with Joel Osteen? Have you seen those pearly whites?


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16. Miller Outdoor Theatre

Free open-air shows & boxed wine on a blanket do a great photo make.


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15. Buffalo Bayou Park

You’ll find lots of dogs and skyline shots in this photogenic park. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll find both.

14. The Hilton Americas-Houston

This glitzy hotel has seen even more self-indulgent camera action than Paris Hilton’s bedroom.


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13. Fitzgerald's

Over 872 million 'Grams have been taken here, making the dark and grungy music venue the MVP of Houston’s IG.

12. Rice University

Equal parts campus architecture and Jägerbombs.


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11. William P. Hobby Airport

No one will know you’re skipping town if you don’t give them a sick wing shot from your window seat. Just leave out the part that it’s to Ohio for work.


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10. Downtown Aquarium

Because everyone also loves photos of stingrays. Mostly everyone.

9. George R. Brown Convention Center

Body building comps + comic conventions = ample opportunity for Instagram likes.


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8. Hermann Park

Remember being in love during your engagement shoot at the park? Before you started fighting about whose parents were covering the rehearsal dinner? Go back to that moment.


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7. Revention Music Center

How else are you going to prove to your coworkers that you’re cool enough to go to a Zedd show on a Tuesday?


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6. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Dinosaur skeletons. Butterfly exhibits. Homoerectus. Need we say more?


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5. The Museum of Fine Arts

Deep thought #228: did you really ever stare at a painting on the wall if you didn’t take a photo to prove to your friends you did so?


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4. Discovery Green

Combine dope art installations with dogstagrams and it’s no wonder this urban park nabs a top spot.


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3. House of Blues

Close access to the stage means an amazing upshot of your favorite band. That is if you can still make it through the mosh pit, grandpa!


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2. Houston Zoo

Because everyone loves pictures of baby giraffes. EVERYONE.


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1. The Toyota Center

Home to James Harden’s “cooking dance” and performances from the likes of Madonna and Justin Bieber, this +19k seater has roughly +19k flashes going off at any given moment.

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Brooke Viggiano is a Houston writer who you’ll never ever find doing the fish gape but if you do it will be at Fitzgerald’s. See if she keeps her word on Twitter at @BrookeViggiano.