20 New Year’s Resolutions Actually Worth Making in Indy


2016 is going to be even better that 2015 (or at least more hopelessly optimistic). In Indianapolis, make it a priority to enjoy all the new forms of fun cropping up in the city. It’s also not just going to be the year you get fit, but the year you get fit while making a bunch of new friends. It’s going to be a year of broadening horizons, working a little more culture into your every day, and getting excited about what the city has to offer for reasons other than steak and sports (but also steak and sports). 


1. We resolve to ride our bikes to work every day that the temperature is above 55 degrees

Especially now that we have a bike-friendly city. OK, three days a week. No less than twice, as long as it’s not raining. We can totally handle that.

2. We resolve to eat more authentic international food on West 38th St

Without obsessively Instagramming every dish.

3. We resolve to have more picnics from on top of Riley’s tomb in Crown Hill Cemetery

Because life takes on a greater sense of perspective with a view of the whole city skyline... surrounded by dead people.

4. We resolve to eat more farm-raised food sold at the farmers market

Since there seems to be one on just about every corner, every weekend of the year these days.

5. We resolve to get some workout duds appropriate for public exercise

And join one of the bazillion group fitness events going on this year. 2016 is our year of the Monumental Marathon! The Hilly Hundred seems picturesque. Or maybe it’s Monumental Yoga or bust.

6. We resolve to not drink too much on Carb Day

We resolve to not drink too much on Carb Day. We resolve to not drink too much on Carb Day. We resolve to not….

7. We also resolve to not wear Corona shorts we bought at the Value World dollar bin

As per annual tradition of jamming out hard to the Journey cover band while drinking too much on Carb Day. We will learn once and for all that race weekend is a marathon, not a sprint. We will also not drink too much on Carb Day.

8. We resolve to spend more time in downtown Zionsville

It’s so darn cute. Why don’t we go up there more?

9. We resolve to visit new art galleries

Like General Public Collective and the iMOCA and we’ll still take advantage of the IMA’s free family days and 100 Acres park.

10. We resolve to get out of the Escape Room this time!

We were SO CLOSE last time!

11. We resolve to go to one performance each

... by the Symphony, Dance Kaleidoscope, Butler Ballet, and the Repertory Theater, for starters.

12. We resolve to buy tickets to more small shows at places like the Hi-Fi, Radio Radio, and the White Rabbit

There’s probably a show happening down there right now. Bonus points if you score tickets to anything put on or promoted by Rad Summer, because those dudes are about to have a major moment in 2016, and every show is a party.  

13. We resolve to get back into food trucks like we were in the days of West Coast Tacos (RIP)

We’ll spend more time eating and drinking on Georgia St this summer during Food Truck Fridays.

14. We resolve to eat more soul food at Kountry Kitchen and Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

Because #YOLO (we resolve to stop speaking in hashtags).

15. We resolve to then eat more vegan food Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe, The Sinking Ship, and Three Carrots. Because, cholesterol.

16. We resolve to stop trying to take sly background photos of John Green when he’s out at restaurants

This year, we will just ask for the selfie. He seems like he’s used to that kind of thing by now.

17. We resolve to drink even more craft beer, just not all at once, and not on Carb Day

Seriously, not this year.

18. We resolve not to push Andrew Luck’s charcuterie plate onto the floor

When we see him out at Tinker Street or Bluebeard, but he knows what he did. A disapproving stare will do.

19. We resolve to wear shorts only in shorts weather

Which is when there are no remaining snow piles taller than 10” in any Meijer parking lot.

20. We resolve to keep Welcoming All and Serving Everyone

Hoosier hospitality is the one resolution we can all keep.

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Sarah Murrell is a Thrillist contributing writer and the editor of The Sensualist. You can stay up to date on all things food and sex in the 317 by following her on Twitter: @likesquirrel317.