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The Best LA Sports Leagues You Can Join... Even if You Hate Sports

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Looking for all the camaraderie of a team sport, but hate to sweat? Want to jump up and down with your team to celebrate a win, but also want that to be the most jumping you do all day? Looking for a non-physical victory to shove in an opponent’s face? These leagues are for you.


American Cribbage Congress
Meets: Intermittently; check the upcoming tournament schedule here
Don’t lie -- there are some of you out there who absolutely whoop butt at cribbage (and some of you who have no idea what cribbage is). Now’s the time to bring those skills to the big league in the ACC (and if you don’t know what cribbage is, to actually learn the card game -- which involves... a lot of rules we don’t understand ourselves). They’ve got everything from grassroots weekly competitions to regional competitions to a GRAND NATIONAL IN RENO. RENO.


Meets: Various locations, but, coming soon to Arts District Brewing!
When we told you to go to Arts District Brewing, did that awaken a need for more Skee-Ball in your life? Well LA now has its very own Skee-Ball league. Even though you’re very encouraged to get your drink on while playing (the league meets in bars, after all), this baby is actually now a fully-sanctioned sport with national championships. Yes, seriously. Stop laughing.

Sunday Funday Adventure

Urban Sports LA
Meets: November-January, various locations
If you can’t decide just what non-athletic sport you’re trying to get into, this is the league for you. SFA combines all of your favorite things like flip cup, scavenger hunts, and bubble soccer. And the best part? It culminates in one final Great Urban Race (based on The Amazing Race) around LA. See. You. There.


Shatto 39 Lanes
Meets: Mondays-Thursdays, Shatto 39 Lanes
Great news everybody! Now you can bowl for fun and health at your favorite K-Town alley. Don’t be nervous of its minimal website; call ‘em up for more league info about joining. And who doesn’t want to bowl at the cheapest bar in town? $4 beers and $6 White Russians go quite well with strikes. Or spares. Or gutter balls. No one’s really judging.


Dying Kingdoms
Meets: Always happening! RSVP for the next meet-up.
Live Action Role Playing is very real and very much in LA. We’ve all got a Middle Earth-style hero lying inside of us, so why not go bust some skulls on the battlefield? Dying Kingdoms holds their games in all kinds of sweet locations (like the Santa Monica mountains and Malibu Creek State Park), so better start forging your armor out of the toughest molten dragon scales, or, uh, whatever fantasy armor is made out of.


Urban Sports LA
Meets: November-December, Mad Ave LA (310 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles CA, 90004)
Are you the best cornhole-er at the barbecue? I bet you are. Urban Sports LA will also hook you up with the other best cornhole-ers at the barbecue and y’all can get down on some serious smack-talk at league-sanctioned competitions. Long live beanbags!

Person playing shooting cue ball in a game of pool
Kucher Serhii/Shutterstock


Los Angeles Pool League
Meets: Sundays and Tuesdays, various locations
Quit being a pool shark and go straight with this league -- it’s about time you had a shiny trophy to display on your mantle. Sounds better than hustling the bros at Public House, right?

Ping Pong

LA Table Tennis Association
Meets: Every day, LATTA (10180 Valley Blvd, El Monte CA, 91731)
Or, table tennis, as the pros call it. The LA Table Tennis Association has an oh-so-legit facility that annual members can access 24 HOURS A DAY for their ultimate Balls of Fury-style training sessions (there’s even a rest area, for when you tucker yourself out). And the best part? Every Friday and Saturday there are tournaments (with cash and gift prices, respectively). Better grab that annual membership, ‘cause it’s time to start training. [Cue “Eye of the Tiger”]

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Wilder Shaw is a regular Thrillist contributor who is really upset that there is no LA-based Competitive Cup Stacking League in LA. Remind him he is terrible at it anyway on Twitter at @WilderShaw_ and Instagram at @wildershaw.