The Best Dispensaries and Weed Delivery Services in LA

Just in time for 4/20, here are all of the best dispensaries to buy and deliver weed in LA.

Now that cannabis is legal for recreational use in California, you don’t really need a holiday or an excuse to smoke. Does it suck some of the secret magic out of 4/20? Do you miss the aura of danger and uncertainty, hoping your guy texts you back, picking up little bags of dusty shake from a busted Toyota Celica in a Target parking lot? If the bright lights, precious hipster aesthetic, and corporate cannabis wellness products of today’s recreational marijuana dispensaries chip away at the fun, it’s ultimately for the best—legal weed has been a net positive in most regards.

Now we have cannabis consumption lounges, and you can find every sort of cannabis-infused product imaginable, including flower, pre-rolled joints, single-use vape pens, edibles, drinkables, tinctures, balms, and so much more. There are gourmet 4/20 specials, like this weekend’s collaboration between La Morra Pizzeria and Pure Beauty on a pizza topped with cannabis flower with a THC-infused olive oil dip. And best of all, thanks to the best dispensaries in LA, you can easily and reliably meet all of your weed needs. To help you light up—and eat, drink, or apply THC directly to your skin—we’ve compiled this list of the best places to buy weed in LA.

Calma Dispensary
Photo courtesy of Calma

Calma Dispensary

West Hollywood

From its marble countertops to a million-pixel 8K display screen playing moody videos, Calma’s chic and high-tech space is set up to elevate weed shopping in a tranquil and therapeutic way. The female-forward retailer aims to battle stigmas around gender and the “typical” cannabis customer profile by welcoming all shoppers with a comprehensive education and tutorials around potency, effects, and various consumption methods. Among the high-profile brands carried on Calma’s shelves, the shop was the local launch site for Monogram, Jay-Z’s first cannabis line known for hand-rolled luxury joints.
How to order: In-person, order online, and delivery

With marijuana still under prohibition since 1937, it’s only fitting that LA have an essential speakeasy cannabis retail concept inspired by Jazz Age tea pads where Black communities came together to share smokes. The throwback shop, which takes its name from French entertainer Josephine Baker and America Jazz singer Billie Holiday, creates a welcoming environment for women of color and unabashedly promotes the slogan “Buy weed from women.” Led by CEO Whitney Beatty and COO Ebony Andersen, Josephine and Billie’s carries product lines that reflect the diversity of the communities it intends to serve with intention and include Black and Brown owned brands at price points for everyone from the occasional dabbler to the connoisseur.
How to order: In-person

Even if you have yet to experience the top-shelf genetics of legendary OG Kush cultivator Wonderbrett, you’ve undoubtedly seen his brand’s near-ubiquitous paint-drip aesthetics spanning murals to boxes of Peach OZ or Pink Picasso live resin carts. The grower’s flagship shop features a variety of exotic terpene profiles with meticulously sourced, small-batch, artisanal products geared toward OGs with a sophisticated THC palate. With the recent launch of a premium vape line, Wonderbrett is expanding its offering of form factors channeling the same full-bodied flavors the company built its reputation on in the flower and edible categories.
How to order: In-person

Deli By Caliva


Combine a sleek weed dispensary with an old-school delicatessen and you’ve got Deli by Caliva. Featuring L7 cash wraps and lit deli-case counters and displaying fresh cuts of premium flower and pre-rolls, Caliva brings its vertically integrated seed-to-sale efficiency to the local retail space. Take a number from the ticket dispenser and peruse the latest in-house offerings or those from tried and true names like Raw Garden, Kiva, Plus, and Fun Uncle.
How to order: In-person and delivery

Sweet Flower
Photo courtesy of Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower

Studio City

Sweet Flower is almost like a weed concierge service, with its knowledgeable staff who are approachable and well-trained to assist everyone from the cannabis-curious all the way up to the super smokers. The dispensary places an emphasis on quality, wellness, with a passion for curating a broad assortment of flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, sprays, and lotions. Deeply rooted in Southern California, Sweet Flower prioritizes having a diverse selection of brands including BIPOC-owned labels such as Roots, BFF, La Familia, and Pure Beauty.
How to order: Select your location and place an online order for pickup or delivery.

Grassdoor Delivery
Photo courtesy of Grassdoor

Grassdoor Delivery

Mobile Delivery Service

Consistently reliable and lightning fast, with an average delivery time of 45 minutes or less, Grassdoor has quickly risen up the ranks as California’s top-rated cannabis delivery service. Grassdoor carries the state’s largest selection of cannabis products from top brands, available for same-day and next-day delivery, or within minutes via the on-demand ASAP menu. The service is also distinct in that it has a fleet of full-time, dedicated drivers—an anomaly in today’s gig economy—who also double as mobile budtenders making recommendations and giving out referral incentives and discounts. With an intuitive user interface, real-time customer service, and GPS order tracking, Grassdoor is hands-down the easiest way to order weed in Los Angeles.
How to order: Order delivery

Dr. Greenthumb's

Multiple locations

B-Real of Cypress Hill has run this rapidly-expanding dispensary chain since 2018, with locations in Downtown LA, Eureka, SF, Sacramento, Sylmar, and an on-site consumption lounge in Cathedral City. You may have spotted their raucous apparel line or tuned in to the Dr. Greenthumb’s podcast, but regardless you’re coming in for their signature strains like InsaneOG. For the gearhead tokers out there, there’s also Dr. Greenthumb's recent collaboration with GPen on a line of co-branded products including a magnetized vaporizer and an immaculate gravity hookah propelled by kinetic energy.
How to order: In-person

The Artist Tree Weed Dispensary - West Hollywood
Photo courtesy of The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree

West Hollywood

The Artist Tree is part boutique dispensary, part gallery, and part live event space with a consumption lounge. The mission is to provide safe access to legal cannabis, raise awareness of its health benefits, and showcase artists from the community. They host a full calendar of events, including art, music, and comedy nights. And if you’re feeling the creative inspiration, put in an order for a signature infused cocktail from Atlas or Pamos. There’s also a wide selection of products from RNBW, 710 Labs, Humo, WYLD, Canndescent, and more.
How to order: Order online for curbside pickup and delivery.



Like a pop-up art gallery in a futuristic space capsule, the first LA retail space to land from vertically-integrated vape maker Stiiizy is a sight to behold. Stiiizy (pronounced “steeze-y,” as in style with ease) has long traded on affordable yet potent vape pens and pods for the masses with starter kits in a variety of terpene profiles like Strawberry cough or Grand Daddy Purp. On top of a wide variety of partner brands and consumption types, on-site visitors will get the chance to custom engrave their Stiiizy pen, so you can get that etching of an alien head floating on magic mushrooms and channel your fondest memories of Spencer’s Gifts.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery.

A well-stocked weed oasis on the Westside, New Amsterdam Naturals is helmed by a friendly, knowledgeable staff who are welcoming to both recreation seekers and patients, whether you’re an expert or a newbie. Their product lineup includes medicinal oils, creams, and sprays along with creative edibles, inventive crosses of flower strains like Apple Fritter and Wedding Cake, and loads of high-quality extracts and solvents. If you’re into wax, New Amsterdam Naturals’ collection is huge, with more than 350 options on offer.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery.

Pineapple Express

Mobile Delivery Service

This Black-owned dispensary right off the Walk of Fame started as a mobile operation with a focus on customer service—it always felt more personal than other delivery services, a little like the old days when you really got to know your dealer. The new space is stylish, with lots of blond wood tables filled with everything you could want from brands like Wyld, Ember Valley, and Wonderbrett. And they still offer free delivery on orders over $65.
How to order: Through their website.

It’s only fitting that bud from cult-favorite Mario Guzman (aka Mr. Sherbinskis) would find its way to the exceedingly chill stretch of Fairfax, brushing elbows with the likes of Supreme and Jon & Vinny’s. The sleek, orange-hued showroom houses Sherbinkis’ world-renowned, household-name strains like Sunset Sherbert and the entire Gelato line—Mochi, Bacio, Acai berry, and Gello. Among the flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and extracts you’ll also find brand leaders such as Dosist, Double Barrel, and Select.
How to order: Order online for pickup, free delivery via Emjay, or in-person.

The Pottery Weed Dispensary Los Angeles
Photo by Ray Daily for Gray Area Agency

The Pottery


An airy, minimalist decor gives The Pottery a modern-day apothecary vibe, fitting for your purchase of an extremely helpful medicine—even “recreational” tokers benefit from the medicinal effects of marijuana, from anti-inflammatory properties to anxiety reduction. In the interest of providing Earth-grown pharmaceuticals, you’ll find display cases of premium flower such as Bloom Farms’ Do Si Do, THC Design’s Purple Punch, and Pearl Pharma's Kosher White Truffle. The Pottery also delivers to a considerable section of the city with no additional fees.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery


Silver Lake

California Caregivers Alliance has been around for over a decade, although it's now accepting recreational customers—with 5% off your first online order! Tucked into the second floor of a strip mall, this little shop was often busy pre-pandemic, but the staff is always friendly and available to walk you through their reasonable selection of strains, edibles, vapes, and other products. There are daily specials, which is always a welcome treat, and on Sundays there's a prize wheel you can join in on with a donation—who doesn’t love a prize wheel?
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery.


Studio City

Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm (including holidays), WHTC just might be the most accessible dispensary yet. This shop excels in both options and education; their website is just as informative as their staff, helping you zero in on the best products for you. They also offer a 5% discount to veterans, seniors, and medical marijuana patients with disabilities, plus daily deals for medical patients. While recreational customers are accepted, keep in mind that the daily deals are for medical patients only. Though there's a limited number of flower strains on offer, WHTC's fully stocked with extracts and concentrates, including the Dosist pens that are sold out at most shops.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a friendlier, more inviting atmosphere amongst budtenders than at City Compassionate Caregivers who’ve been cultivating some of LA’s top greens for 20+ years. The operation has been known to collaborate with weed royalty like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg. Speaking of the D-o-double-gizzle, Caregivers uses Snoop’s Premium Nutrients on a number of plants in their on-site double-decker grow facility. Be sure to pick up some fire flower from The Cure Company, whose Glazed Apricot Gelato strain is sure to make for a relaxed stroll through the Arts District afterward.
How to order: Order online for pickup.

It’s all in the name—LA Kush prides itself on delivering unapologetically original, indoor-grown weed and has amassed over 80 awards thus far. They also offer high-grade weed in premium distilled oil and concentrate form in their LAK Vape pens. Plus, all of their online products detail the effects of each strain along with what they’re good for (such as managing pain or fighting insomnia) and the general flavor profile, with lab results. Shop hours are ridiculously convenient, running from 6 am to 10 pm seven days a week, making it all that much easier to scratch an itch for San Fernando Valley OG or Cherry Zkittles.
How to order: In person. LA Kush’s website also has a store locator with dispensaries where their products can be found.

One of the first retail dispensaries in the country, Green Goddess is a boutique shop just a scooter ride’s distance from the neighborhood’s iconic beachwalk and canals, but they also do free delivery within five miles for orders of $50 or more, if you can’t be bothered to leave the couch. The dispensary houses a wide variety of oil, kief, hash, vapes, wax, balms, and Buddha’s Dream Cannabis Oil made using Canadian engineer Rick Simpson’s method.
How to order: Order online for pickup and delivery.



While Cookies does sell more than just edibles—namely a solidly curated lineup of clean, high-octane flower and wax—let’s take a second to appreciate the wonders on their dosed baked goods menu from Venice Cookie Company. The 100mg bags, with a trusty 10mg per cookie, come in varieties like The Hippie (vegan-friendly trail mix, granola, peanut butter, and dried cherries), The Chipster (chocolate chips, cranberries, and sea salt), and the incredibly well-balanced CBD Churros. This franchise is far from an underdog, but when you have recording artist/marijuana mogul Berner at the helm, you have to root for the guy who brought us Girl Scout Cookies.
How to order: Order online for express pickup.

TLC Collective

Boyle Heights

Located on the fourth floor of the building (with stunning views of the city), TLC is a legit specialty shop, featuring a variety of cannabis products, as well as a Show Grow Room and a Jungle Boys Apparel section. Budtenders are on-hand to help you decide, but TLC also features an "Express Line" if you already know what you want—this can be useful when you want to be in and out, but other customers have a ton of questions.
How to order: Order online for pickup.

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