De-Stress After the Holiday Madness at These LA Spots

The holidays are (finally) behind us, which means -- somehow -- you’ve got to find a way to let the stress of the last year out of your system. Thankfully, whether it’s getting outdoors or practicing your oms, there are tons of ways to recharge in this city and start 2017 feeling fresh -- which is why we’ve rounded up the best places in LA to get your post-holiday de-stress on:

The Now

Multiple locations
The Bohemian chic spa not only smells divine from the moment you walk in, but also makes you feel like you’re in a luxurious hotel spa in Mexico (without the price tag of a lavish vacation). The airy co-ed massage “rooms” that are separated with a linen drape that must be what walking into heaven feels like. Services start at just $35 because they believe massages are a necessity (so do we), so you can afford to splurge and upgrade your treatment with add-ons like aromatherapy oils, crystal healing, or a muscle recovery gel.

Unplug Meditation

Step away from your phone. Breathe. You can do it. That’s what this Brentwood studio is dedicated to -- unplugging both physically and mentally through guided meditation and breathing techniques. They also offer online classes, but their in-studio sessions are intimate -- which means either way, you should be totally chill when you’re done.

The Spa on Rodeo
Yoorie Lu

The Spa on Rodeo

Beverly Hills
Remember that time Gwyneth Paltrow was in US Weekly walking around with ring marks on her back? She wasn’t abducted by aliens: She was participating in an ancient technique called cupping that relaxes the muscle tissue to lift and drain toxins through the lymphatic system and apparently has many benefits that could help with depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure. The Spa on Rodeo offers cupping as well as a menu of other services including HydraFacials (if you want to give your face a boost), and CoolSculpting (a non-invasive procedure that allows you to freeze those extra lbs that created your Thanksgiving muffin-top).

Be Hive of Healing

Agoura Hills
Heavy Metal Detoxification does not mean banning yourself from listening to Metallica -- it’s an IV treatment to release toxic metals like mercury and aluminum that accumulate in your body, and it’s one of the many holistic treatments that can be done at this wellness center. Their approach uses alternative medicines like homeopathic supplements and Chinese medicine so the next time you’re at a family dinner, you won’t feel like you need a Xanax (we’ve all been there).

Just Float

You don’t have to make a trip to the Dead Sea to reap the benefits of floating in salt water anymore -- you can do it at the world’s largest float center in Pasadena. Nothing but you, a warm bath with 1,000lbs of Epsom salt -- no sound or light, and presumably, no stress. Apparently, lying effortlessly in water for 60 minutes is supposed to improve health by allowing you to relax, stimulating mindfulness, and reducing stress -- and we gave it a shot and found this to be, like, true. Seriously.

Shape House

Multiple locations
You could run on the treadmill for an hour and sweat out your toxins, orrrrr, you can head to Shape House, where you can sweat it all out without ever having to step in a gym. Using custom beds made with FAR infrared technology that warms the body from the inside-out (not the same as the ultraviolet light that you should avoid), your body is triggered to sweat and release toxins through your pores.

Huntington Gardens

San Marino
If you really want to put some zen back into your life, walk around one of the 12 lush gardens at the 120 acre San Marino Ranch. You can easily spend a day on these grounds, and you should, because in addition to the gardens, there’s a library with over 400,000 rare books, art exhibits featuring European and American art, a rose garden tea room and a dumpling and noodle house brought to you by chefs Kajsa Alger and Susan Feniger. One whiff of the greens in these gardens and your blood pressure will plummet back to normal. Psst. Take advantage of their free days on the first Thursday of every month (reservations required).

Burke Williams

Multiple locations
If you are looking for a spa with all the fancy bells and whistles (but not, like, actual bells and whistles, which wouldn’t be relaxing at all), then Burke Williams is your spot. The husband-and-wife team behind the brand have been able to maintain the five-star service and experience you would expect from a hotel resort at each of their infamous city-centric spa locations. Spoil yourself with one of their massage treatments like the Pure Relaxation Massage (their version of a Swedish massage) or a facial. But wait, there’s more! Your treatment gives you access to all their spa amenities so you can chill all day in the steam room, sauna, and whirlpool while you sip on strawberry water, walk around with cucumbers on your eyes -- and then repeat.

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park
Paddle along the renovated lake, ride in a gondola or rent a pedal boat with the picturesque palm trees, a shooting fountain and Downtown LA skyline as your backdrop. You can pack a picnic or spot the corn man and snack on a cup of corn smothered in cheese and mayonnaise for $2 while you enjoy the beautiful scenery and blooming lotus flowers.

Wi Spa

You’re going to want to clear your day for this one -- with all of Wi Spa’s amenities, including a gym, restaurant, and spa services you can easily spend hours here (or at any of LA’s other great Korean spas). Soak in one of their hot or cold tubs until your skin starts resembling a prune, and then experience one of their many saunas -- salt, clay, jade, bulgama, or ice. Try the buff exfoliating treatment which is basically where you lay like a walrus and get scrubbed with what feels like sandpaper until you shed a layer of dead skin. Sounds gross, but your skin feels like a newborn’s belly.

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