Vin Scully's Best Farewell Videos, All in One Place

Vin Scully
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Vin Scully is seemingly as much a part of this city as, well, just about anything: he's been the Dodgers' broadcaster since they moved to LA in 1958, which means that even if you were in your 60s you wouldn't remember the Dodgers without him. His final game is coming up this Saturday, which is why we partnered with to bring you some of the great farewell videos they've shot of and with Vin this season (they're also counting down his Top 20 calls of all-time -- all of which you can see right here).

Get the tissues ready.

Vin Scully, Dodgers, MLB

The Dodgers honor Vin Scully on Opening Day

It all started here, and you should too: a lengthy tribute video that addresses just how incredible Scully's legacy has been not just for the Dodgers, but for baseball and Los Angeles.

Scully on his retirement

A short video in which a member of the Diamondbacks' broadcasting team compares talking to Vin to taking a meeting with the Pope.

Wil Myers meets Vin

And, of course, leaves with a signed ball.

David Ortiz meets Vin

"I just want you to know how much I really care for you," Vin says, and clearly means it.

Dodgers pay tribute to Scully during team photo

It's short, it's awesome, and the money-shot is above, although it's worth watching to see Magic Johnson's glee as he holds the Scully mask.

Scully on his last game

A phone interview edited with shots of fan tributes, awards ceremonies, and the Vin Scully street sign.

Maddon and Ross make special visit to Vin Scully

They give him part of the Cubs' scoreboard. Seriously.

Vin Scully, Dodgers, Los Angeles

Orioles meet Scully before game

A short-and-sweet video featuring Instagram posts and awed players

Scully joins Thorne in booth

The MASN announcer tells a story of Scully reaching out, early in his career

Scully on what he'll miss

Spoiler alert: it's you.

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