22 Tweets That You Would Only Find in LA

Living in LA has its perks, among them sunshine nearly every day, proximity to the world’s most talented creators in art, music, and fashion, and access to the best street food in America. But it also means swiping left on someone because they live 13 miles (or 56 minutes) away from you, or seeing a man dressed as Jesus walk down Sunset Blvd and then speed away in a luxury car. Of course, Angelenos go straight to Twitter to share their comical anecdotes, and if you were to troll the hashtags #LAproblems or #onlyinLA, you’d realize you’re not alone in this occasionally yoga pant-wearing, superficially charged, gluten-free city -- which is why we did just that. Read on to see the most hilarious tweets that your East Coast friends will never understand.

Uber Black was practically invented for LA so people can feel like they’re a VIP -- even when they’re just picking up their Humble bowl from Café Gratitude.

Every now and then, you’ll have a celebrity sighting and you’re going to act cool because it’s LA, and no one would dare even raise an eyebrow. Except when Bruno Mars serenades you, then you can freak out.

...or maybe just an extra on Days of Our Lives?

Because if you’re going to go to jail for a car chase, you have to go in style.

They might as well put Quest Bars on dessert menus because half the city won’t even smell a donut fearing they might gain a pound.

Wi-Fi passwords in LA are making waves (get it?!).

The struggle is real.

Yeah, but how many calories are they?


You might need a PhD to decipher parking signs, but at least you get priority over the Kardashians.

In this city, beauty is more common than brains.

... because the weather is just as confused as the people.

Can’t really argue with this one.

This is clearly embellishment, because there’s no way you could do that drive in a single day.

Also, a note: unless you get paid by a brand, you’re not a model, you’re a girl with a phone.

Or just go through the In-N-Out drive-through and be done with it. In, like, an hour.

... and so does your gym.

Apparently, beggars can very much be choosers.

Don Juan has a valid point.


Actually, this is super-smart.

Eh, it’s probably from your neighbor’s sprinklers.

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Leila Najafi was offered to try free energy supplements from a vitamin company as she was writing this “only in LA” story. She politely declined but you can follow her around for more LA moments on Instagram and Twitter.