A Very Serious Ranking of Where to Cool off Today Because It's Insanely Hot

Published On 06/20/2016 Published On 06/20/2016

You know when it's hot enough outside that when you get in your car you yelp a little bit because the stitching on your seat is literally searing your underside? Yeah -- it's that hot out today. Which is why we (with the help of some of our favorite peeps on social media) decided to rank the best spots to sit for some sweet relief before going back out into hell on Earth. 

10. The Apple Store at The Grove

Seriously, it's as if they turned the thermostat to "make sure our computer servers are collecting ice" and then adjusted it just one degree warmer. It's a beautiful thing.

9. Tantalice Thai & American Diner

This otherwise-not-really-noteworthy-at-all-in-any-way Thai restaurant shares a wall with an ice skating rink. Score.

8. The Last Bookstore

Pros: ultra cold; Harry Potter. Cons: Danielle Steel; running into your middle-school librarian.

7. The Griffith Park Planetarium

Los Feliz
Learn about constellations. Cool in more ways than one. OK, cool in one way. 

6. Nic's Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills
It has a walk-in freezer full of vodka. Ask to just "check it out" and see what they say. And if they say no, just sit with your back against it until they drag you out.

5. Coffee Commissary 

Really, if there's any coffee shop in the valley that's not cranking its A/C, let's be honest -- it's gonna end up broke. But this is your best bet.

4. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Just talk to them about insurance, for, like, half an hour, then "change your mind," and boom. Dim sum time.

3. That bridge in between the two parts of the Westside Pavilion mall

West LA
You know, the one over Pico, with benches and chairs and glass overlooking the street? That one.

2. Cedars-Sinai

Seriously, the hospital's waiting room has comfy chairs, free Wi-Fi, and an occasional piano player. And is chilly enough that you may need a sweater.

1. Any movie theater, even one playing Warcraft

OK, not Warcraft. Anything but Warcraft.

(For real, on a pro-tip: call 211 to find the nearest city-approved "Cooling Station" near your house -- they're usually senior centers and libraries, but, hey, they're cold. And that's all that matters.)

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Once his work is done, Jeff Miller's definitely just sitting in a movie theater today. He's at @jeffmillerla on Instagram and @ThrillistLA on Twitter.