IMPORTANT: Tower of Terror Is Closing. Get to California Adventure Now.

Tower of Terror -- a centerpiece of Disney's California Adventure since its opening in 2001 -- is going to be taking its last ride up (and down... and up again... and VERY QUICKLY DOWN) on January 2nd, 2017. 

Don't panic, though (I mean, when it drops unexpectedly, you can totally panic, but not before then): the ride's essentially just getting a rebranding, with Rod Serling and the dated (but still fun) Twilight Zone backstory being replaced by the far more of-the-moment cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. All reports are that the actual ride itself won't change much -- the bones, as it were, will stay the same -- but characters from the Marvel franchise will undoubtedly make appearances in the screens before that terrifying drop.

In any case, if you get there between now and Oct. 31st, you can ride what they're calling a "Late Check-Out" version of the ride, in which you'll experience the whole thing in total darkness. Points if you sneak in your iPhone and blast "Hooked on a Feeling" while that's happening. 

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Jeff Miller has taken some hilarious pictures on Tower of Terror, but always gets yelled at when he tries to save them on his phone. See if any of them made it to his Instagram.