Here's How to Stay Involved & Make Your Voice Heard in LA

Published On 01/30/2017 Published On 01/30/2017
how to make your voice heard in LA
LA Mayor's Office

Following the past week of executive orders, thousands of people protested over the weekend at LAX, while action groups continue popping up around the city. If you're looking for ways to continue this momentum and be involved, here's what's going on around Los Angeles and online.

Want to get back on the street? Here are the upcoming marches in the city:

Medicare for All March & Rally

When: Febuary 4, 11am
Where: Pershing Square

Trump Tax Returns March

When: April 15
Where: TBA

LGBTQ March/Pride

When: June 11, 10am
Where: Santa Monica Blvd

March For Science

When: TBD
Where: TBD

The simplest way to express your concern, other than show up at the booth for the next election (there's a local one March 7, FWIW) is to make sure your dollars are going to something you believe in. Here are a few ways to do that: 

Make sure rights are preserved with the ACLU

This is the big one with the big guns; they successfully got a "stay" on the Executive Order this weekend so refugees who had been vetted could get in. You can donate all at once, or monthly.

Help refugees that are here already via the International Rescue Committee

This refugee organization accepts both donations of cash as well as goods like bedding, kitchen supplies, and towels, so even if you're hard up you can help.

Make sure immigrants are spoken for with the Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

Since 1986, this group has been at the forefront of immigrants' issues in LA and beyond, with a goal to "achieve a just society fully inclusive of immigrants."

Help some other worthy causes: 
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
Equality California
The Los Angeles LGBT Center
California Police Youth Charities

Helping people out directly doesn't only make an impact on the people you're helping -- it can be the best way for you to feel better, as well:

Help an immigrant feel at home through IRIS Los Angeles

This interfaith refugee & immigration organization needs volunteers for everything from ESL lessons to tutoring and event organization.

Act locally with the Los Angeles Mission

Amid all of the macro stuff going on is a more local, yet still pressing issue: Homelessness in LA is out of control, and the LA Mission has long been on the forefront of helping our homeless population. If you're feeling overwhelmed nationally, here's a list of other ways to get involved locally -- from teaching kids to read to helping them code.

Follow the mayor's suggestions

Mayor Garcetti has proudly backed the Woman's March and more, and his website has easy links to a bunch of places to volunteer, including ways to stop human trafficking -- and get directly involved in government by running for neighborhood council.

If all the stuff above isn't your cup of tea (or you've done it already) you can still get involved both directly by getting in touch with your reps -- or by joining a group of like-minded people to commiserate and plan events.

Contact your representatives

We'll admit, it can seem sort of like a self-congratulatory exercise to send postcards or leave voicemails for reps, especially if they're already on the same side of the political spectrum as you are. But friends in government assure us that this, actually, is the best way to make a difference, and that they take response from constituents very, very seriously. Here's where you can find your senators, and here are your house members.

Feed your brain and mind with Action Potluck

This small group of creative types is putting together monthly-ish potlucks where people share food and discuss how to make a difference.

Find a local group to plan actions with through the Indivisible Guide

This well-distributed guide about how to best resist also has a ton of links to small local groups doing everything from small things (yoga meet-ups) to big actions (march organizations), all close to your zip code.

Get the story from the Los Angeles Times

Remember newspapers? Now's the time to subscribe to one to stay informed on what's happening in the country and in LA. Thankfully, our local paper is award-winning.

Stay on top of it with MoveOn conference calls

Sign up for the progressive group's emails, and they'll let you know when the next conference call -- with guests like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer -- is.

Subscribe to the Women's March newsletter

The organizers of the massive march have been making sure their supporters stay woke through their email channel.

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