The 7 Creepiest Abandoned Places in (and Around) Louisville

Published On 02/15/2016 Published On 02/15/2016
Merchants' Ice Tower | Michael C. Wells Photography
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1. Waverly Hills Sanitorium 4400 Paralee Dr, Louisville, KY 40272

First opened in 1910 to accommodate local tuberculosis patients following a nationwide disease scare, The Waverly Hills Sanitorium has been abandoned since 1962. In the past 54, the Sanitorum's gained a reputation as one of the most haunted locales in America, appearing on the TV programs Ghost Hunters, The Celebrity Paranormal Project, Scariest Places on Earth and Most Haunted.

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2. Ouerbacker-Clement House 1633 W. Jefferson St, Louisville, KY

The former home of local coffee scion Samuel Ouerbacker, this majestic manse has been empty since for years. The building was officially taken over by the city in 2005 because of unpaid taxes on the property, but the site remains debris-ridden and according to legend, haunted.

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3. Old Taylor Distillery Company 3646 McCracken Pike, Frankfort, KY 40601

A short drive outside of Louisville, the Old Taylor Distillery used to manufacture Kentucky bourbon and rye. Now, however, it's been abandoned for the past several years. The rumor mill is speculating that the castle like factory will soon be renovated and reopen to the public as a historical site.

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4. Merchant's Ice Tower 801 Logan Street, ,

This former cold storage facility in Downtown Lousville was first built in 1881. The site underwent several changes and housed many businesses over the years, and in 2010, was to be renovated as a senior living center. But that never happened and the building has been in disrepair ever since.

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5. Pope Lick Train Trestle Taylorsville Rd, Fisherville, KY 40023

Beware of the Pope Lick Monster! Legend has it a mythic beast comes out a night along this train trestle and scares unassuming locals. Unfortunately, the site has seen a fair amount of death of late, with locals jumping off the trestle to avoid oncoming trains.

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6. Forgotten Underground Tunnels 129-133 N. Second Street, Louisville,

At the site of the former Belknap Building, legend has it you can enter into Louisville's system of forgotten underground tunnels. Originally built to aid local slaughterhouses and butchers in transporting meat to market, the tunnels have gone mainly un-used and kept secret from the remainder of Louisville at large. You can also apparently enter the tunnel at the Seelbach Hotel.

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7. Ghost Ship 2500 Lawrenceburg Ferry Road, Petersburg, KY 41080

This abandoned ship has been rusting away in Petersburg for several years. Originally a luxury liner, the boat was built in 1902 and toured the Eastern Seaboard for over 40 years. It's unclear how many voyages it made before it bit the dust.